Pilot Membership Programmes & Satellite Clubs
August 2015

FAO: Club Secretaries. Please complete this questionnaire by the 30th September.

Following on from the announcement of Membership Pilot Programmes by Rotary International (RI) in 2011 the Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland (RIBI) General Council agreed that the pilots might be extended to all clubs in Great Britain and Ireland. The only process put in place then was that District Governors should approve pilots in their districts. In May 2015 the General Council approved the extension of pilots in RIBI to 30 June 2017 with an evaluation taking place prior to this date.

We now need to take stock of where we are on the pilot programmes and satellite clubs currently and we are asking you to complete a brief questionnaire. Please use this link to access the questionnaire. We are looking for responses by 30th September 2015. A brief description of pilot programmes and satellite clubs is given below.

The guidance handbook on Membership Pilot Programmes and a Satellite Club FAQ resource is available on the website by clicking on the links provided above.

Associate Membership - The purpose of this pilot is to enable people to ‘try before they buy’. Individuals will attend meetings and carry out projects to see if they enjoy Rotary. Clubs may set their own parameters on attendance and the length of time an individual may be an associate member. There should be, however, a clear intention that the individual will consider active membership rather than be a ‘friend of Rotary’. Associate members are not registered on the RI database.

Corporate Membership - The organisation joins Rotary and is represented by up to four designees. The organisation chooses the designees, at least one of whom should be in a senior management position. All designees are active members of Rotary and registered on the RI database.

Innovative and Flexible Clubs - Clubs can make any alterations they wish to The RIBI Standard Club Constitution by-laws in any area other than the RIBI membership dues requirements. Examples of this might include additional meetings at a different time to accommodate working patterns, amending attendance requirements to shift the focus from meeting attendance to membership engagement, forming new types of membership such as family membership and looking at leadership methods such as a two year Presidency or sharing the duties.

Satellite Clubs - CoL 2013 enacted that satellite clubs became part of the Constitution and this is now included in the RIBI Standard Club Constitution. Satellite clubs are no longer part of the pilot programmes. A satellite club will endeavour to form a new club once it reaches 20 members.

From the 1st October 2015 a simple on-line form will be available for clubs to register pilot programmes so that good practices may be shared. In the meantime please complete the on-line questionnaire. Clubs who are not participating in pilots should also complete the questionnaire so that we may have a full picture.

The General Council encourages clubs to look at new ways of operating in order to open membership of Rotary as widely as possible. Thank you for helping us with this.

If you have any queries on this please contact Cath Chorley who is the member of the RIBI Membership Development and Retention Committee looking after Pilot Programmes. She can be contacted by email on or by mobile phone on 07976 888619.

Robin Brown
Chairman, RIBI Membership Development and Retention Committee, 2014 – 2016