Auto-Synchronisation and Membership changes


We have been aiming to make life easier for Club Secretaries & Club Administrators by creating a system by which you can synchronise, add new members and remove past members.

Now, the DMS will automatically synchronise the RI Global Database [found in My Rotary at] and the RIBI-Template Database records [found at your district /club website or] when changes are made to either one, including adding a new member or terminating a membership. Previously this had to be done twice, increasing the work for the Club Secretary, and increasing the possibility of mismatched / incorrect records.

As of Monday 19th September 2016, this will not be necessary. Please read on for details:


Now, once certain actions below have been taken on your part, if you change an existing member record in either the RIBI-Template or the RI Global Database it will ‘Auto-Synchronise‘ allowing you to input in only one place. It is therefore to your benefit to make sure that you have carried the work requested previously to manually ‘synchronise’ your club data and make sure it is up to date.*

*please note that email address does not show a field to synchronise as we are currently unable to pass this information due to knock on effects on logging in. You need to change this on the RIBI-template site (when any member logs into the template the first screen they see advises their stored email address and offers a route to change / update their details, including the email address) and RI site separately. We are looking to build a page in the near future to handle this.

To enable the easy option of one input only, what you need to do is:

  • Have you manually synchronised your club data on the DMS as per the previous instruction?
    • If not, use the previous instructions here (from Step 3),  logging into the DMS with your RI “My Rotary” login.
  • Once the record has been manually checked, edited and synchronised using the DMS, the red cross will change to a green tick and the system will, from then on, automatically keep the personal data record accurate on a 20-minute checking cycle.
    Any future changes via the DMS will be automatically synchronised to both databases.

Once a GREEN TICK is shown alongside the synchronised record, auto-synchronisation will be maintained whenever you edit that record in either database, or from the DMS.

Add a new member

Adding a new member is easy in the DMS system. You no longer have to do it twice!

The DMS is now where you add your new members – NOT the RI or RIBI-Template databases. Please note that if the Rotarian wants an account on either system, they have to register regardless for online access using the same email address to be recognised, and on the template site they need to press the forgotten password button to gain a password for account access.

Go to with your RI “My Rotary” login, or click the DMS button (under Club Admin) from the RIBI-Template. The ‘Membership’ function allows you to either:

  • Add a “new to Rotary” member, in which case you simply add their first and last name and click continue [there will be an orange band move across the top of the screen] – a table with names might appear but ignore these and choose the green “continue adding as a new member”. Complete the form that you get and click “add new member” button. Once complete you will have a new member in both the RI and RIBI-Template databases with a new RI member number in the record.
  • Add a “returning Rotarian”- in which case you still add their first and last name – unless you have their current RI number  - and click continue. A search of both the RI and RIBI-template0 database records occurs and merges the records into a table from which you can select the member you are trying to add. If you see the person, click the button next to that person, update the form, then click the add new member button. This retains the RI number and the person’s previous officer history. NOTE: the person has to be terminated from their previous club BEFORE you can add that person to your club. 

Terminate member

The DMS is now where you terminate your past members - NOT the RI or RIBI-Template databases

When a member ‘leaves’ Rotary, it is important to terminate their record correctly to make sure that if they re-join, their service history can be accessed easily. In the DMS “My Club” section you have the ability to edit/synchronise or terminate a member record.

NOTE: If a member s transferring to another club IN THE SAME DISTRICT, refer to your District Admin Officer [see below]. If a member is transfer to another club OUTSIDE the district, you need to terminate only.

To Terminate, click on the refresh/change button and a window will appear providing the opportunity to enter the date of leaving, and reason. Complete the two data fields, then click TERMINATE. The system will offer a final ‘are you sure’moment, after which you can click YES (or NO) to complete the process.

If you are terminating a member for a future date, this individual will be immediately removed from the DMS and RIBI-Template Database, with the RI record showing the future date so subscription charges will still be accurate. This does mean the member is showing on the Green Sync option, but you need not worry at this stage.

Please note: this process does not remove the record from the databases, it simply disassociates the record from your club on RI Global Database and archives as “left” in the RIBI-Template Database.

Transfer member

Note: ONLY DISTRICT ADMIN ONLY CAN DO THIS. [Clubs need to notify District Admin if needed]

The DMS is now where you transfer intra-district members - NOT the RI or RIBI-Template databases

If a member is relocating from one club to another within your district, you need to notify the District Admin so that a transfer process can be completed on your club’s behalf within the DMS.

NOTE: If the member is moving outside your district, then the club will need to “terminate member” as above, and the new club will need to re-add them on the date following.

Changing membership type

You can now change the membership type of somebody in your club through the DMS. Click on the refresh/change button next to the record and then you will be presented with a screen for that members with a choice of four membership types. Active and Honorary are recorded on both databases, wheres Associate and Corporate members are only recorded on the RIBI Template Database.

Information for the District Administrator

To transfer a member within your district, click on the recycle button and select TRANSFER. You will be presented with the member’s ID, First Name and Last Name to confirm this is the correct record. Click CONTINUE, followed by TRANSFER CLUB. The member’s data record will be displayed and you’ll be able to change the CLUB FIELD* to reflect the club that the member is being transferred to.

*It is very important that District Admin double check you have the correct Club selected or you may well end up bringing everyone into your own club!


We have been rigorously testing how this works but, as with any new release, bulk user activity is bound to uncover not yet identified new bugs/issues. Please be patient and help by passing on the issues to if you come across them. We’ll be fixing them as we go, but hopefully we’ve grabbed most things already!

The DMS is intended to make the life of the club secretary / club administrator much simpler to maintain their club membership and officer records.

Thank you so much for your patience during the enormous effort made by hundreds of volunteers who cross-checked our tens of thousands of records!

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