Problems logging in

Logging into the Database Management System (DMS) should be quite straight forwards however we are aware of a few common problems that Rotarian’s can have. These are listed below, along with the best way to correct them. Also in development is also a universal log in page that will remove the need for you to need to log in more than once to gain access.

1. Firstly, how to find the DMS. If you already use the RIBI Template website, you should visit your club website and log in using the usual process (any questions about logging into your club website are answered here). If you do not use the RIBI template, please visit our FAQs first. Once there, to find the DMS you need to click on the “Contact & Search” sub page tab, then the “RIBI DMS search and handbooks” option as shown below.

This will then take you to the DMS log in page which requires you to sign in using your RI log in credentials. If the log in fails to give you access to the system, the most likely resolution is that your email address in both systems do not match. Please make sure your RI and club website email addresses match before you progress.

2. The second most common problem that Rotarians find is that once they have logged in, they are sometimes shown against a previous club that they were in. This will be as a result of you joining a new club and creating a new account from scratch without deleting your previous account. If this is the case, please email with 3 lots of detail: a) which email address you used to log in, b) which club you are currently in and c) which is the incorrect club. It may take up to 48-72 hours for this to be resolved, and over a few weeks we expect that this problem will phase out for the minority or Rotarians it affects.

3. If you have any other problems, please email with as much detail of the problem as possible, and (if you know how) ideally with a screenshot of the problem too. We will build to this page if any other common themes arise.

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