Rotary Ride Registration

This page is for Rotary clubs and contains the registration form for Rotary Ride events, advice and links to JustGiving donation pages for each of the national prostate cancer charities 

People are starting to look for something to do and our national Rotary Ride is the ideal activity. The aim is to concentrate on the weekend of 4th & 5th September 2021. The charities being supported are Prostate Cancer UK, Prostate Scotland, Prostate Cymru and The Irish Cancer Society. You can also sponsor your local prostate cancer charity.

What do we do?

RR Banner rides2Depending on the local covid regulations, which you must adhere to, a cycling event could be:

Challenge your fundraisers to cycle a target number of kilometres and get sponsorship and donations. The public can choose their route themselves and cycle whenever and wherever. An organised event could be at a local estate, in a public park, and on cycle tracks. These are ideal for the family rides and a chance to highlight Rotary.

Riders could do a virtual cycle on their home exercise bike and cover the equivalent distance to a capital city or another target. If restrictions allow, it may be possible to set up static bikes at shopping centres where you could see how far people can ride in two minutes. Local firms might also be able to get involved in their workplace.

I’m up for it, what do I need to do?
1. Speak to your club president and try to co-ordinate with other clubs.

2. Download the guidance pack along with the poster, PDF event explainer, which is ideal for sharing with your club, and the risk assessment form.

Rotary Ride Guidance Pack 2021 for Rotarians

Rotary Ride poster

What is the Rotary Ride about – PDF

3. Register your event once you have the details sorted out. Use the form below the privacy policy information. This allows the Rotary Ride team to publish your event on the map for the general public to find. Your event will not appear immediately, the Rotary Ride team needs check it first and make sure details are correct.

Privacy Policy
The details you provide will be used by Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland to deliver information to the public regarding the date, time, location of your event and your club name. Please be aware that a name and email address are required to be publicly visible on the Rotary Ride webpage for the public to use in case of any queries. This will be clearly indicated on the form. By completing this form you are giving consent for the information to be used in this way. Your personal information will be destroyed by December 16th 2021.

Making a donation

Your brilliant bike riders can make their donations to their favourite charities using the special JustGiving links below. Share these with your fundraisers:

JustGiving Prostate Cancer UK

JustGiving Prostate Cymru

JustGiving Prostate Scotland

JustGiving The Irish Cancer Society

I have a question

Please send questions FAO Keith Hopkins, Rotary Ride Co-ordinator.

Email: info@rotarygbi.org