Rotary Tree Challenge – Ordering

The Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest conservation charity, is supporting Rotary in these islands with the Rotary Tree Challenge.

There are Woodland Trust Community Tree Packs available to Rotary clubs, as well as to other community groups, which can be ordered through the Woodland Trust website. You can also purchase trees through the Woodland Trust shop and there will be a special offer available on November 1st. Read on for more details.

Before making your order, make sure that you have:

  1. A plot of land in mind when making your order and its postcode or eight digit grid reference. There is a grid reference finder available on the Woodland Trust order form.
  2. Permission of the land owner or local council. There may be safety and environmental issues to be considered.
  3. An idea of how many people will be involved.
  4. A delivery address.

To obtain free community trees your application must be made as soon as possible to the Woodland Trust via the Community Tree Pack section of the Woodland Trust website. There is a closing date of the end of the first week in January, although this may be brought back earlier if there is a high demand. Delivery will be in March 2018.

The Woodland Trust Community Tree Pack order form can be found herePlease read the following instructions before ordering:

  1. Select Community Group in the first drop-down box on the form.
  2. Select Voluntary Organisation in the next drop-down box which is for category.
  3. Please put in the name of your Rotary club in the ‘name of community group’ box. otherwise we won’t be able to say thank  you for taking part in the challenge.
  4. Although the trees are free for community projects, the Woodland Trust would appreciate a donation to help cover the cost.

If tree packs are not available, you can purchase trees via this special link to the Woodland Trust shop. This link will help us to keep track of how many purchases are made by Rotary clubs so please use this link. Again, please make it clear that you are ordering on behalf of your Rotary club.

For sites where trees need more protection, the Woodland Trust has kindly offered a limited number of packs of 45 trees for £62. They come with stakes and protective tubes. These trees will be on sale from November 1st 2017 from the Woodland Trust Shop.

On opening the Shop, eelect ‘Native Trees’, followed by ‘Landowner Tree Packs’. This will then bring you to a page with both shelterbelt options at £77 and the offer of 45 trees at £62. Select the pack or packs of trees you want (you have choose more than one) and then go through the normal checkout procedure. Note that there is the opportunity of putting both the place to which the trees are to be delivered and the name and details of the person paying for the trees in the checkout requirements.

About 300 packs will be available both to Rotary and the general public on a first come, first served basis. The trees come with a compost root ball, so they can be planted at any convenient time as long as they are kept watered and frost-free. There is free delivery for orders over £50.

Here are the trees which will be on offer with 15 of each of the three varieties in a pack of 45. Applications can be made of more than one pack,  subject to availability:
Beech, Birch and Oak
Silver Birch, Rowan, Oak (suitable for Scotland)
Beech, Hornbeam & Oak
Hornbeam, Oak and Wild Cherry
Beech, Hornbeam & Wild Cherry
Silver Birch, Rowan & Sessile Oak (suitable for Wales)
Birch, Hornbeam and Wild Cherry
Birch, Oak and Wild Cherry

NB Woodland Trust sales are trees are not available in Southern Ireland.

Delivery will be made by the Woodland Trust at their discretion. As the trees will come with a root ball, provided that they are kept moist and frost free, planting can be delayed if necessary for several weeks.

There will be a special Rotary identification box on the above order form which will enable us to see how many trees have been acquired and by which clubs.

You may wish to work together with other clubs in your area when ordering trees, giving greater flexibility and a wider selection of tree types, as often tree nurseries prefer to sell packs of 25 trees of each variety and for the Woodland Trust their special offer of 45 trees will contain 3 packs of 15.

Planting trees takes planning. Please make sure the area is suitable and that the tree has the best chance of survival. Please read the tree planting advice and guidance available from the Woodland Trust to help your tree settle in to its new home successfully.


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“The best thing for me is that I have been able to bring a lot of transferable skills to Rotary projects, which is so rewarding.”

- Ken Robertshaw, Rotary Club of Halifax

Ken Robertshaw, Rotary Club of Halifax
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