Rotary and Toastmasters

Growing together.


toastmaters logoToastmasters International and Rotary are working hand in hand to open doors for members from both organisations to opportunities which will fulfil their potential, whether as great speakers, negotiators, leaders or actively making a difference in communities.

With this partnership, Rotary members can enjoy improving their ability to communicate in a safe and very supportive environment. Even those who are experienced at speaking out will benefit from coming along and learning a few things. Toastmasters members will enjoy seeing where their skills can help people and be involved with our amazing projects which have a positive impact wherever they take place.

The Toastmasters’ club meetings are welcoming, informative and can also be entertaining. They feature prepared and impromptu speeches and insightful evaluation of those speeches. It therefore makes sense that members from both organisations would benefit and get along famously.

Here are suggestions for getting our new friends involved:

  1. Youth Speaks: A Debate – Toastmasters could make a valuable contribution as judges at local contests and coaching students preparing for the contests. In fact, this is already happening at in some places.
  2. International and local projects – Toastmasters have around 16,000 clubs worldwide and collaboration between our two organisations offers opportunities for joint local, national and international projects.
  3. Have a chat! – Both organisations are about bringing people together, so do that and broaden all horizons with a great online or telephone gathering. A first step could be to arrange a visit to  each other’s club followed by a joint meeting, and go from there. Who knows what great ideas may come forth!


Please take the plunge and welcome your local Toastmaster group or even one from overseas to your gatherings as well as asking to join theirs. You can use the club finder on the Toastmaster website as well as look through the webinars on humour which will no doubt create a smile.

Watch more on the alliance between Rotary and Toastmasters.

Rotary is a very familiar face at Toastmaster meetings as many have Rotary members within them and you will definitely come across people who are interesting and interested. Toastmasters are energetic people with ideas and, not surprisingly, are excellent at communicating those thoughts. There is something for everyone to learn and enjoy.