Saving Mothers and Children

We expand access to quality healthcare, protect children from disease and build sustainable health solutions.

We protect mothers and their children to live and grow stronger.

Mothers and their children can be some of the most vulnerable in our society.

More than 800 women die every day as a result of complications during pregnancy and birth.

Even after children are born, lack of access to healthcare, nutrition and clean water and put them at risk.

In fact, 70% of deaths among children under the age of five happen within the first year of their life.

Rotary in Action

Unite to tackle hunger

Two days, 29 Rotary clubs, hundreds of volunteers and 100,000 meals packed to feed hungry school children in Kenya.

The factors which impact on maternal and child health can be vast. That’s why Rotary projects are so wide-reaching.

We provide immunisations and antibiotics to babies and improve access to essential medical services.

Our projects ensure sustainability, so when we help to train health professionals in developing communities, they are empowered to take ownership of their care programmes.

We also tackle problems such as malnutrition, poor sanitation and lack of access to clean water – all of which can be prevented.

Turn your passion and ideas into lasting change in communities around the world.


Explore Our Causes

End Polio Now

Rotary’s number one humanitarian service goal is to totally eradicate polio from the world.

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