Direct Membership

Become a Direct Member at Rotary GB&I and join hundreds of people in the Rotary Global Hub online environment to work on projects worldwide.

A new way of doing Rotary.

What is Direct Membership?

Direct membership gives individuals the chance to join Rotary as an organisation, meaning you aren’t limited to just one club but instead join a much busier environment and are able to work across multiple projects.

The Rotary Direct Membership Network, complements and works alongside existing clubs and embraces technology, connecting like-minded people across great Britain and Ireland who share a passion for specific causes, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Rotary connects people to make a positive impact in the world.

How does it work?

The Rotary Direct Membership Network is a living breathing network of Rotary members who connect virtually and physically. We have a forum type space which brings people together online 24/7 and allows for full flexibility when you take part in Rotary activities compared to the fixed traditional meetings that clubs have, we also encourage members to meet together with club Rotarians and with each other at times and for reasons that are convenient and relevant to them rather than a standard "meeting" time.

As a direct member, you have access to the fully online environment with seminars and workshops on the Direct membership Network, you can also work with any Rotary club local to you on their projects.

Whether you are at home or on holiday you can contact the local club and join in on their events or attend meetings to further expand your Rotary knowledge and form more connections.

Find out more about the Rotary Direct Membership Network

If you'd like to find out more about the Rotary Direct Membership Network, and how it works, please get in touch with our Membership department.