Purple4Polio for End Polio Now

Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland's Purple4Polio activities are to provide communities with ideas and opportunities to get involved in helping Rotary and our partners to End Polio Now and forever.

Help Rotary free the world from polio.


For over 35 years, Rotary and its members have been committed to fighting to eradicate polio across the world.

The Purple4Polio activities suggested by Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland are to raise funds and awareness for End Polio Now, Rotary’s global campaign to eradicate polio across the world.

When a child receives their life-saving polio drops on mass polio immunisation days, their little finger is painted with a purple dye so it is clear they have received their polio vaccine.

Rotary’s pledge for a polio free world was made in 1985 when there were 125 polio endemic countries and hundreds of new cases every single day. In the past few years, only two countries have reported cases of polio caused by the wild poliovirus but no child anywhere is safe until every child has been fully vaccinated.

Thanks to Rotary, and the support of our partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, there are now just two countries still classed as endemic: Pakistan and Afghanistan.

To finish the job over 2 billion doses of oral polio vaccine still have to be administered, to more than 400 million children in over 50 countries, each and every year. We have to have zero cases of polio and zero positive environmental samples before the world can finally be certified polio free.


Pledge your support


If you have your own fundraising ideas why not set up a Virgin Money Giving page by following these instructions so the funds raised are directed to the End Polio Now campaign.

You can also view alternative methods of giving by visiting our Donate page.



Register your polio events


We want to collate all the amazing polio-related events and activities which take place through the year across Great Britain and Ireland.

So whether you’re planting crocuses, hosting a Fill Your Plate for Polio event or illuminating buildings in your community, we want to hear about it!

Simply enter the details of your event through our online form, and each month the map below will be updated to show the huge impact Rotary’s efforts are making.

Help Rotary make the final steps to eradicating the polio from the world.

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