Crocus corms

Rotary clubs help to plant millions of purple crocuses every year to raise awareness for efforts to end polio.

Adding a splash of purple to our communities.


Orders open 1st June  for purple crocus corms to plant in autumn 2020

Final deadline for orders is 31st August 2020 – Full details below.


Spring each year sees a beautiful purple carpet of crocus blooming in many communities across Great Britain and Ireland thanks to the Purple Crocus Corm planting to raise awareness of the Rotary fight for a polio free world.

Planting the purple crocus corms by Rotary and many community groups is a great way of getting active, having fun and talking to lots of different people about the need to eradicate the life threatening and disabling polio virus.

Download our Planting Guide for a step by step guide on caring and planting your corms.

All activities relating to crocus corm activities must comply with government guidelines on COVID-19.


Availability, ordering and other materials

Two million Crocus tommasinianus – Ruby Giant Purple corms are available this year on a first come first served basis at the special price of £135 for a box of 4,000. There is no guarantee that we will be able to source further corms or at what price, so we would recommend you place your order as quickly as possible. You can always send in a further order later as long as it is received by the Rotary Support Centre (details below) by 31st August.

As indicated orders must be sent with either payment or payment confirmation directly to Rotary Great Britain and Ireland, Kinwarton Road, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 6PB. If possible please submit your order forms and payment confirmations electronically to Someone from Rotary in your area will subsequently get in touch to tell you about the arrangements for collection of your corms in late September ready for planting in October or November.

Other materials and resources for promoting and supporting your crocus ordering, planting and blooming are also available.


Rotary and Community Groups

Rotary clubs are keen to work with the community in their area to plant more purple crocus corms in different places this autumn as well as building on where they already flower each spring.

So if you are a community group of any sort such as a school, a healthcare trust, the local park, a Britain in Bloom group or other Royal Horticultural Society community gardening group or anything else interested in getting involved you can either reach out to your local Rotary club or go ahead and get ordering and planting yourselves.

Please note the crocus species is Crocus tommasinianus – Ruby Giant. Children should be supervised at all times and crocus corms should not be ingested. Crocus species are not toxic to people, however, if signs of sickness are seen medical advice should be sought immediately.