Promoting Peace

We promote goodwill and understanding across the world by training local leaders to support long-term peacebuilding.

We refuse to accept conflict as a way of life.

Through our service projects, Rotary is taking action to bring about social change.

We strengthen the leaders of today and empower the peacemakers of tomorrow at home and across the world.

Rotary is not simply tackling the consequences which result from conflict, but addressing its fundamental causes.

This means overcoming poverty, inequality and lack of access to education and key resources.

Promoting peace is not a problem isolated to the developing world. In Great Britain and Ireland, Rotary clubs encourage understanding, diversity and compassion through a variety of activities at a local level.

Rotary in Action

Rotary member volunteers supporting refugees

Seeking Shelter

Rotary member Alison Sutherland has been working with refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff as part of a programme which is helping to change lives and perceptions.

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How Rotary makes peace happen

Peace Fellowships

Each year, Rotary supports professionals in peace and development to study at one of our Rotary Peace Centres around the world.

Through academic learning, practical implementation, and networking opportunities, Rotary Peace Fellows become global leaders in peacebuilding and conflict prevention and resolution.

More than 1,700 fellows have graduated from the programme, with many completing the programme at the Rotary Peace Centre based right here in the United Kingdom at the University of Bradford.

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Service Projects

Rotary members volunteer their time and talents to deliver service projects in communities around the world.

In the area of peace, Rotary activities include preventing modern slavery, empowering young people to tackle bullying, protecting victims of domestic abuse and sheltering refugees.

We Are All Peacebuilders

Online seminar

Catch up on demand as we're joined by a host of speakers to look at how we can all wage positive peace in our communities.

We are problem solvers, community leaders and People of Action. Are you?


Explore Our Causes

End Polio Now

Rotary’s number one humanitarian service goal is to totally eradicate polio from the world.

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