Rotary GB&I Board

Following changes to our governance structure and procedures earlier in the year, we are now beginning the process of building a new Rotary GB&I board. This will take place over the remainder of 2021.  

This is an exciting time for Rotary GB&I. With new governance arrangements in place and a clear strategic direction, we seek to nominate our next Chair, Chair-Elect and Chair-Nominee. We also seek to appoint members to the new Rotary GB&I Board.  

We now need your support and action.  

We are seeking candidates for the new Board


This is a fantastic opportunity to lead Rotary GB&I through a period of change and to embed the changes we have made in our governance. Under the leadership of the Chair, the Board members are collectively responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy of the Rotary GB&I Board, defining clear goals and ensuring that the Association is accountable to members. We will also be seeking candidates of Chair-Elect and Chair-Nominee.

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General Board Members

We are also seeking five new General Board Members. In addition to the responsibilities shared by all Board members, these roles will liaise with the specialist advisory teams that are critical to the future work of Rotary GB&I.

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Nominating Committee

Nominations and appointments to the new Board will be handled by a new Rotary GB&I Nominations Committee. The Nominating Committee will select a nominee for the role of Chair, Chair-Elect and Chair-Nominee. At the same time, it will also act as the Rotary GB&I Appointments Panel, making decisions on the appointment of General Board Members.

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In Rotary year 2022/23, we will seek invitations for applications for the role of Rotary GB&I Honorary Treasurer.

Timetable for nominations and appointments

We are undertaking the process of nominating and appointing to the new Rotary GB&I Board over the remainder of 2021. The key dates are:

3rd November (5pm)

Deadline for nominations for Nominating Committee

10th November (5pm)

Deadline for applications for Rotary GB&I Board roles

22nd-23rd November

Nominating Committee meeting and interviews

Any questions?

If you have got any questions, please get in touch with us at governance@rotarygbi.org