Get Moving to End Polio

This Purple4Polio sponsored activity is inspired by the length of the border between the remaining two polio-endemic countries.

Get Moving to End Polio with
the 1,240 Challenge!

Get Moving to End Polio is a sponsored activity to support Rotary’s Purple4Polio campaign to end polio now and forever.

The border between the last two polio-endemic countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, is ‘more than 1,240 miles’, so we want you to do anything at all featuring the number 1,240 whilst raising funds to eradicate polio.

Your event or activity could be in person or virtual, for individuals or groups, take place at one venue or for people to do in their own homes or community. You could...

  • host an online scrabble competition aiming for a score of 1,240,
  • attract 1,240 entries in a competition,
  • encourage people to walk 1,240 steps before breakfast for a month
  • ask your community to knit scarves for the homeless or those struggling at the moment with sponsorship for every 1,240 stitches knitted.

The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Decide on your event or activity, select a date or period, download materials below, register your event to appear on our event map, collect donations and have fun!

Your challenge can happen at any time or over any period. Perhaps you want to link it to World Polio Day on the 24th October or Rotary Day on the 23rd February, or whenever suits you.

Anyone can get involved by taking a look at these simple planning ideas.

For Rotary members looking for a bit more detail, please download our Rotary Club Briefing document.

Materials and Resources

To bring your event to life, we have created a number of electronic resources for you to print locally.

Additional resources are available for Rotary members, including press release templates, by signing in to your My Rotary account.

Making donations

Each polio vaccination can cost as little as 20p, so your donations can literally save lives and you can be part of making history.

Every donation to Rotary will be trebled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, so every £1 will become £3.

There are two ways you can donate. As an individual, why not just click HERE to make a one off, or regular donation. Alternatively you can complete our RFUK contribution form.

If you are a doing a sponsored activity, please download the Sponsorship Form.

Why polio?

Until polio is totally eradicated, every child is at risk of this highly infectious, potentially life-threatening and paralysing disease.

There is no cure for polio but there is a safe and effective vaccine. We continue to give around 2 billion doses of vaccine annually to 450 million children worldwide.

If polio is not eradicated, we could see as many as 200,000 new cases across the world within 10 years.

When the world is declared polio free, it will be just the second human disease ever to be eradicated, after smallpox.

Rotary needs your help to wipe the life threatening and disabling poliovirus off the face of the earth. Will you take the 1240 challenge and Get Moving to End Polio?