Global Giving

Through our collaboration with Global Giving, Rotary projects have the opportunity to spread even further.

Using the power of crowdfunding to change lives.


Rotary and GlobalGiving are working together to engage Rotary clubs in crowdfunding for community projects in the UK and beyond.

GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connectingĀ nonprofits,Ā donors, andĀ companiesĀ in nearly every country.

With GlobalGiving’s platform, knowledge and expertise, Rotary clubs are building awareness and funds for their important work and life changing projects.

Through a series of trainings on online fundraising and communications, and a curated crowdfunding campaign, the clubs will be able to build on their learning, expand their donor network and continue to do vital work in their communities for the longer term.

Browse the Global Giving website to pledge your support to Rotary projects.


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Upcoming accelerator programme

To date, Rotary projects participating in the Accelerator Programme have raised almost Ā£40,000.

The next Accelerator Programme for Rotary clubs will run from 10th ā€“ 28th June 2019, but the registration deadline is 26th April.

Download the introduction pack and register on Global Giving to get started.