Increasing Our Impact

Increase our Impact

As People of Action we make decisions grounded in evidence.

Let’s build the practices, infrastructure, and capacity needed to define, measure, track, and analyse data from our service projects in a much more effective way.

To increase our impact we will:

africa polio free

Eradicate Polio and Leverage the Legacy

We will achieve this by:

  • Continuing to encourage active advocacy and support of the COVID-19 vaccine programme given lessons learned with our goal to end polio.
  • Developing a club Polio Project Toolkit, with a fundraising focus
  • Increasing the percentage of clubs actively engaged in our End Polio Now campaign
  • Increasing total cash giving by 10%
  • Increasing the average giving per club and the total number of clubs giving
  • Growing the number of districts donating 20% of District Designated Funds to Polio
  • Increasing total District Designated Fund giving by 10%
  • Growing the number of districts actively promoting World Polio Day and National Immunisation Week to the public
  • Organising a volunteer-led National Immunisation Day trip

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Focus our Programmes and Offerings

We will achieve this by:

  • Focussing on community COVID-19 recovery to enhance Rotary's relevance
  • Introducing micro-finance / incubator support for social enterprises
  • Developing job skills mentoring and networking support for career transition
  • Fostering collaboration on mental health initiatives
  • Promoting vocational service support for local needs
  • Developing a more unified and integrated voice on the multitude of peacebuilding initiatives for actionable club projects
  • Unifying 'empowering girls' initiatives across all districts
  • Continuing to encourage ICC relationships across country borders, in order to foster collaboration on large-scale projects
  • Encouraging uptake by districts to host and promote Rotary Days of Service
  • Leveraging our seventh Area of Focus - Protecting the Environment
  • Developing and launching a monthly seminar series to raise awareness and focus efforts on our 7 Areas of Focus
  • Evaluating return on investment on youth programmes and implement required enhancements
  • Introducing 'Service Projects in a Box' for easy club adoption
  • Continuing to develop strategic national partnerships to support local effectiveness

Improve our Ability to Achieve and Measure Impact

We will achieve this by:

  • Tracking the number of lives impacted for all Global and District Grants
  • Determining each district's approach to and use of District Grants
  • Tracking volunteer hours
  • Recording video testimonials on Rotary Foundation impact stories
  • Enhancing understanding of the Rotary Foundation as an inbound resource
  • Enhancing community relevance through large-scale, inbound Global Grants, based Growing Local Economies and success of 'Launch Detroit' model
  • Shifting the culture from cheque writing to other charities, to local service projects that get noticed
  • Monitoring grassroots efforts for scalability and measurable impact to enhance perceived relevance
  • Increasing Rotary Foundation giving by 5% and the number of clubs engaging
  • Creating an online direct giving platform
  • Reducing the number of clubs that are not correctly attributing donations to members
  • Increasing the number of sustaining members (by 5%), Paul Harris Society members (by 20%), Major Donors (by 9%), Bequest Society members (by 9%)

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