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Brian Stoyel – Rotary International Director’s Column

Brian Stoyel – Rotary International Director’s Column

Latest column for February-March from Rotary International Director 2017-19 Brian Stoyel.

One of the first discussions on election as Rotary International Director is the location of the Zone ‘Institute’. As you will know – in October 2017 – some of us travelled to the beautiful city of Riga in Latvia, but for 2018, after much soul searching, the unique location of Stratford-upon-Avon was chosen. At the same time the name was changed to ‘Be The Inspiration’ weekend.

In some respects the location is the easy part because we have no idea of the numbers that will attend. However, I can now inform you the number of participants and the chosen venue the Crown Plaza Hotel exceeded our expectations. Thank you to all who attended.

It was a training event for incoming District Governors, the re-enforcement of Foundation ideas, the opportunity to listen to inspirational speakers – we certainly had it all.

Rotary International President Barry Rassin and wife Esther, Foundation Vice Chairman Brenda Cressey and husband Dick made conversation easy – the stories from Rotaract, young Rotarians, experienced Rotarians inspired – performances from local schoolchildren and the Alcester Drama Club stimulated the imagination!

Anyone in the vicinity of the Crowne Plaza could not escape the publicity material of Rotary.  Rotary GBI certainly put on a memorable few days, enhanced by a new member joining the Arch Klumph Society. It was an experience we shall remember for a long time.

My sincere thanks go to the committee and everyone involved led by Keith Barnard-Jones, and the Rotary GBI staff, under the watchful eye of General Secretary Amanda Watkin.

I have still many tasks to complete, evaluations of our procedures and committees plus areas to visit – Scotland, Ireland and Gibraltar – so with six months to go of my Director journey my upcoming involvement with the International Assembly, Council on Legislation, Rotary GBI Conference and Showcase, the International Convention, Board and committee meetings – so I fear this will swiftly go by.

I am here to be your spokesman on the Board so please keep me up to date with your concerns, ideas and aspirations of where we can take our wonderful organisation.

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