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Amanda Watkin – Rotary GB&I General Secretary Column

Amanda Watkin – Rotary GB&I General Secretary Column

Rotary GB&I General Secretary Amanda Watkin reflects on some recent monumental changes in the Rotary world, including the new Rotary GB&I Board.

As we move forward into this new Rotary year, it’s important to take time to glance back and recognise just what’s been achieved in the last 12 months.

Rotary makes a massive difference to the lives of so many through continued support for vaccination centres, foodbanks, Ukrainian response, young peoples’ development, older citizen care, environmental challenges and so much more…

On top of the service from our clubs that so positively impacts communities at home and overseas, Rotary here in Great Britain and Ireland has been setting its foundations to drive stability and services that support the needs of our districts, clubs and individual members.

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The flagstones have been laid and the new governing body (the Rotary GB&I Board) is now operational.

However, this organisational change didn’t happen by magic.

It took a dedicated approach, involving many people who challenged each other’s thinking to create a model of operation to provide continuity of leadership and strategic direction for the short, medium and long term.

I would like to recognise our 2021/22 Senior Leaders who picked up the baton from their predecessors to bring about this change at the operational level.

In May 2021, our clubs voted to bring in a new governance model and during 2021/22 plans to implement the change were created.

Board Chair Garth Arnold will regularly share the work of the new Rotary Board.

The Governing Council, under the leadership of RI Director Nicki Scott, supported by the Rotary GB&I Continuity Team, worked through how to keep the best of the old and make space for the new.

The result is a functioning Board that has hit the ground running on July 1st, 2022!

Board Chair Garth Arnold will regularly share the work of the Board, highlighting its aims, successes and challenges, through the medium of electronic newsletters, video messages, drop-in clinics (open to all members) and website stories.

The Board has a clear vision to grow membership, stabilise future finances, enhance the member experience and improve process efficiency.

This is a multi-year ambition, and with its practical implementation and evaluation will continuously evolve.

Solid continuity of leadership offers a pathway to success, and this is demonstrated with multi-year thinking and true servant-leader mentality focussed on supporting our members.

I am so excited to be working with our leaders and the Rotary Support Centre Team is equally driven to deliver improved services and member resources.

By example, if you head over to the members area of our website you’ll find the new, improved platform that houses valuable information and downloadable material to help you do what you do best, serve your communities while having an amazing club experience.

More new services will be coming onboard during 2022/23 with a key development being a new data management system named Rotary View.

In the next magazine, I look forward to sharing detail on this system and the benefit it brings to our clubs. Until then, enjoy the new members area.

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