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Amanda Watkin – Rotary GB&I General Secretary Column

Amanda Watkin – Rotary GB&I General Secretary Column

Find out how support from Rotary has helped Shelterbox respond to recent events such as the flooding in Pakistan and the earthquakes in Turkey & Syria.

Our collective support to the world can sometimes be missed when focussed on our own specific activity through our individual clubs. But recently I was in conversation with colleagues from ShelterBox, a strategic international partner for Rotary, and heard just how impactful our collective effort can be.

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Born from Rotarian vision and action, ShelterBox is now a significant emergency response organisation operating on a global scale.

This approach has been phenomenal with so many clubs springing into action and raising £99,461.”

Rotary continues to provide considerable financial and promotional support and the most recent impact of this support has been in Pakistan where ShelterBox continues to respond to the flooding crisis.

Three emergency projects have been deployed to support those in the worst affected areas, through collaboration with Islamic Relief Worldwide and Islamic Relief Pakistan:

  • Project 1 supported 1,200 households (7,033 people) across four locations in Sindh and Balochistan with an emergency shelter package including tents, tarpaulins and rope, water filters, water carriers, blankets, mattresses, mosquito nets and solar lights.
  • Project 2 contributed to the self-recovery process of approximately 5,000 households in Sindh and Balochistan with cash assistance.
  • Project 3 focuses on supporting families in Dadu, Sindh, to recover by providing an improved, more durable and longer-lasting shelter to allow better protection in case of future flooding. The second component of this project will pre-position emergency shelter materials ahead of the next monsoon season, to ensure a rapid emergency response.

Further, Rotary Ireland has made an incredible response to Turkey and Syria earthquakes. Rotary coordinator Kerr Fulton-Peebles, in collaboration with Rotarians Sean and Liz Fitzgerald have encouraged a district wide approach in response to the earthquakes.

This approach has been phenomenal with so many clubs springing into action and raising £99,461.

RI General Secretary John Hewko and ShelterBox CEO Sanj Srikanthan sign a project partnership extension during the Rotary International Convention in 2022.

As a Rotarian volunteer Kerr commented ‘It has been such a rewarding few weeks and I am so very glad I am in the role for ShelterBox as part of Rotary’.

In 2023 to date, ShelterBox has seen a total of £1,075,401 from Rotary clubs across Rotary GB&I. To give this figure context, last year in 2022 Rotary clubs raised £834,609.

The impact of partnership working is definitely something to be celebrated; Rotary can tangibly see results and our partners are incredibly grateful for our support.

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