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And Finally… – Editor Dave King’s Column

And Finally… – Editor Dave King’s Column

Latest column for October-November from Rotary magazine Editor Dave King.

If you’re reading this you’re already looking at the newly redesigned Rotary GBI website!

Now, in a fast-moving society where we sometimes become adverse to change, this is one of the smarter moves.

The website has had an impressive makeover with no Botox or implants used! It looks good and is easy to source information, whether you are a Rotarian or someone interested in finding out more about the organisation.

Let me signpost you to one area, it’s the News & Features section.

As part of a digital-first policy, this is a section which will grow rapidly with news items uploaded daily.

This really is Rotary in action. Rather than waiting for Rotary magazine to be published bi-monthly, the website means we can respond straight away.

Whether it is how Rotarians or a Rotary-backed charity is responding overnight to a humanitarian crisis around the world, or news of a community project on these shores, the website can react instantly and be topical.

Don’t worry, the magazine will still be brimming with fresh and interesting features. So, please talk to me. Let’s tell the world how good Rotary is, and what we’re doing in our communities and beyond.

If you, your club, business or organisation is doing something significant in the name of Rotary, then tell me about it.

The one area I hear very little from is Ireland, so can I encourage Rotarians from the Emerald Isle to get in touch.

Send me the story details and some decent photos – no thumbs, no firing squad line-ups or cheque presentations! Instead, make the image shout ‘Rotary’.

Don’t assume I know the background of your story either and don’t ask me to chase around for information from other sources as I’ve got a dodgy knee!

Summarise your story in 500 words, include a quote and email me at: editor@rotarygbi.org

Now there is no excuse not to be heard.

Images are key to how Rotary presents itself.

Photographer Peter Croan, who is the Public Image Chairman for Rotary in southern and central Scotland, knows his stuff. He’s running a webinar called ‘Putting Rotary in the picture’ on Monday, October 22nd.

If you’ve never attended a webinar, it’s not complicated.

Registration is open on a first come, first served basis.

You will be sent details of the webinar, which starts at 7pm.

Finally, an apology to the winners of the international awards from the recent Champions of Change ceremony. In August’s issue of Rotary magazine, the stories of the seven winners was omitted.

So to Tony Clayson, Patsy Dodd, Bob Parfitt, Alison Stedman, Alan Wolstencroft, Norman Yates and Peter Croan, please accept my apologies. You can read about their amazing achievements where you can also find out about the other inspiring category winners.

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