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Brian Stoyel – Rotary International Director’s Column

Brian Stoyel – Rotary International Director’s Column

Latest column for October-November from Rotary International Director 2017-19 Brian Stoyel.

Weather – a talking point which never pleases everyone but, as I write these jottings in August, the rain has returned.

Where were those balmy sunny days of summer?

In many countries recently, including here in the UK, fires have broken out on moorland and in residential areas, followed by heavy rain and flash flooding.

All in a day’s work for many groups of our Rotary members rallying at times of need.

Certainly, our pockets never seem empty when help is needed and donations can reach funds for specific emergencies by using our Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) Donations Trust.

This is our expertise, to aid in the aftermath, once the media has moved onto the next human ordeal.

One can only appreciate and applaud the generosity shown by supportive communities worldwide.

My reporting on Zones 17 & 18A to the Rotary International (RI) Board continues to impress Denis Spiller, past Rotary GBI President – with the Rotary 2 initiative which has spawned 250 clubs, has handed the baton to Debbie Hodge, who aims to add a further 100 clubs.

The new Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Executive structure is clicking into place and District representatives are busy preparing for their respective RI Council roles with Resolutions (November 2018) and Enactments (April 2019).

When partaking in the Council on Legislation (CoL) review committee, I see the global diversity and similarity of our membership looking for progressive change and nimbleness of operation.

At the July Board meeting, President Barry asked where will we be in five years’ time?

Together with three Board colleagues I was tasked, as Chairman of the RI Board Executive Committee, to appraise the discussion topics.

As you can imagine many old chestnuts arose – diversity of membership, value for money, formality, Rotaract, Institutes, Conferences, RI President representatives to District conferences and committee structure.

Your Board is determined to propose change – the talking must stop, action is required!

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