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A relaxing Rotary gift for Kent hospital’s special care baby unit

A relaxing Rotary gift for Kent hospital’s special care baby unit

Rotary members in Kent have helped a special care baby unit by providing reclining chairs for parents. It all comes after the personal experience of the Rotary club president and her family.

Gravesend & Meopham Rotary has helped Darent Valley Hospital Special Baby Care Unit to relax, by raising funds to purchase eight specialist, reclining chairs for every beside in the unit.

The reclining chairs at the Little Bud’s Special Care Baby Unit will allow parents to have some comfort while staying over with their baby during what can be very traumatic times.

It will also allow for families to remain together.

Gravesend & Meopham Rotary raised £9,500 through events such as canoeing and a sponsored walk along the River Medway, a quiz night, garden parties and their annual ball at Cobham Hall.

The club also received a £1,000 matching grant from their Rotary district.

Rotary has helped us achieve one of our goals to allow both parents to be with their baby.”

For Past President, Sue Crocker, fundraising for the Dartford hospital had a special meaning.

Her granddaughter had problems at birth, which meant both her daughter-in-law and baby spent a month at the unit.

During this time, the only place for Sue’s son – the baby’s father – to spend the night with his wife and daughter was in an uncomfortable chair or on the floor.

Sue said: “It has been a fantastic achievement and every member of the club rose to the challenge helping to raise this staggering amount of money.

“Not only were we able to buy the chairs, but we have also raised funds to purchase eight pulse oximeters which are vital to check baby’s oxygen levels.”

Midwife Sharon Saunders praised the Kent club for their fundraising efforts.

She said: “Rotary has helped us achieve one of our goals which is to allow both parents to be with their baby during these special early days.”

Fellow midwife, Laura Benton, added: “The reclining chairs are great.

“Returning parents have already said how comfortable they are and they can now lay out and get some well-earned sleep while still being with their baby.”


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