Appeal for Donations as Storms Demolish School Roof

Appeal for Donations as Storms Demolish School Roof

Darlington Rotary has rallied around to help a school in Africa which was damaged during severe storms.

An appeal has been launched after a school in Kenya supported by Darlington Rotary lost its roof in violent storms last month.

High winds demolished the roof over four classrooms at the Vingujini School, Msambweni in Kenya, leaving 150 children without a learning space.

Darlington Rotary has supported the school over the past eleven years.

High winds caused huge damage to the school, located in the South East of the country.

Rotarian Peter Phillips first made contact with the people in Msambweni when he visited Kenya 24 years ago and Rotary decided to support the project as part of its international programme.

It has provided funds for many items, including building materials, books, desks and blackboards in an ongoing commitment.

Peter said: “As if the constraints and dangers of COVID-19 were not enough a violent storm and high winds have destroyed the school roof.

“Miraculously no one was injured but now 150 children are without classrooms and the community is faced with a cost of £9,000, over and above their local labour, to salvage and repair the damage.”

Darlington Rotary is sending additional funds, but an emergency appeal has gone out to try and raise enough to repair the damage quickly to enable to school to function.

Miraculously no one was injured but now 150 children are without classrooms.”

Peter added: “‘Individual Rotarians as well as the club as a whole will be supporting the appeal, but other donations, however large or small, will help the school get back on its feet in this crisis situation.”

Maths equations can be seen on the chalkboard of the collapsed classroom.

As part of the ongoing project, Darlington Rotary is hoping to finalise a Rotary International Global Grant application to transform toilets, provide water and launch a school shop, which would also serve the village, to help them achieve financial independence.

Donations can be made to Darlington Rotary Club’s Charity Account, sort code: 20-25-29, account: 30928828, reference: roof relief.

Darlington Rotary can be contacted through Facebook at Darlington Rotary Club and Twitter @darlrotary