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Doing good in the world, in the digital age.


If meeting for face-to-face meetings at a brick and mortar location isn’t what you’re looking for, or doesn’t work around your schedule, then a Rotary e-club may be the perfect fit for you.

Club meeting are held online via video call. You still get chance to know your fellow members, but you can connect from anywhere in the world.

This offers the perfect flexibility for those who are frequently on the go, or those who lead a particularly busy lifestyle, but still want to give back to the community.

Just like face-to-face clubs, Rotary e-clubs still come together for hands-on projects, volunteering and community activities to improve the lives of others.


Rotary e-clubs in Great Britain and Ireland

E-Club of Aviation

E-Club of Southern Scotland

E-Club of the West of Scotland

E-Club of Innovation (East Anglia)

E-Club of West of England

E-Club of London Centenary

E-Club of District 1070

E-Club Southwest Peninsula

London Rotary Passport

North Wales & Northwest England Passport

E-Club of District 1220 

E-Club of Oxford International

International Rotary E-Club of D-1210

Orpington District E-Club

E-Club of Bipolar

Mercia & Marches Passport

E-Club of Young Professionals



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