End Polio Now Christmas cards proving a hit

End Polio Now Christmas cards proving a hit

As we enter December and the Christmas season truly upon us, Rotary’s charity End Polio Now has been benefiting from the sale of festive cards.

Rotary Lindum Lincoln’s Christmas Cards have once again proved a great success raising money for Rotary’s focus to eradicate polio!

Project leader Simon Kalson has reported that so far this year the festive cards have raised an amazing £3,613.85 for End Polio Now.

Each pack of 10 cards is sold at £4.25, inclusive of postage and packing.

Profits peak at nearly 56% of the price, which is £2.37.

In US dollars, that profit is $3.08 per pack.

With the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation double-matching those contributions, that sum will grow to become $9.24 per pack of 10 cards.

A club buying just 20 packs at £85 will see their End Polio Now account credited with £47.40. This is converted to $61.58.

The total project profit of £3613.85 helped by double-matching becomes $14,080.

Simon said he was delighted with the response from Rotary clubs across Great Britain and Ireland.

He said: “Thanks to all customers who purchased cards from us – you should see your End Polio Now credit to your club by late November or early December.”

Rotary members around the world have raised US$1.9 billion and given countless hours of volunteering to help immunise over 2.5 billion children globally against polio.

With cases reduced by 99.9% since Rotary pioneered the campaign more than 30 years ago, raising awareness and keeping the disease in the public eye is essential in order to make polio just the second ever human disease to be completely eradicated.

Three countries remain polio endemic; Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria and it is estimated there are 120,000 polio survivors in the UK.

If you would like to be on the subscription list for next year’s cards contact Simon