Promoting Peace

Projections of the past educate for the future

Projections of the past educate for the future

A powerful projection of World War I footage proved a poignant display as Rotary helped mark 100 years since the signing of the Armistice.

Rotary Lytham in Lancashire have been sharing the message of peace with their community’s young people as part of the area’s Armistice commemorations.

The commemoration was attended by almost 2,000 people and was arranged by Fylde Borough Council following on the a Remembrance Service held at the town’s cenotaph, where Rotary engaged with the youth groups of Cubs and Brownies.

Herbert Chatters, a member of Lytham Rotary commented, “It is a hugely significant day. We need to remember the futility of war and need to work for peace.”

“The children commented that they had been studying the Great War at school. We outlined Rotary’s leading role in the peace movement and how we embrace promoting peace on a global basis.”

“We explained that there is a responsibility to nurture and develop the peace process through dialogue.”

“There are elements of war that need to be regularly revisited – not to glorify war, but to reinforce the peace.”

Like many across the country, the region is one with a strong connection to the First World War.

One of the region’s notable land owners, Lord Derby, was Herbert Kitchener’s Director General of Recruiting during the conflict and introduced the Derby Scheme in 1915.

The scheme was designed to allow men to voluntarily attest for military service at a later date, to avoid having to introduce conscription.

Despite the scheme, conscription was introduced in 1916 and approximately five million men served in the British Army alone during WWI.

There is a responsibility to nurture and develop the peace process through dialogue.”

It wasn’t the first time in recent weeks that the Lytham windmill has bathed in a striking and important projection.

Back in October, it was illuminated in purple to mark World Polio Day, and provided the backdrop for Lytham Rotary’s launch of the Passionately Purple Gin.

lytham windmill purple illumination world polio day

Lytham Windmill bathed in purple was captured by drone.

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