Disaster Recovery Trust

Rebuilding communities in the long term is just as important as responding following the immediate aftermath of disasters.

A helping hand for the long term.


As well as supporting in the immediate aftermath, Rotary is able to use our network of clubs across the globe to introduce sustainable, community development projects in the longer term.

The Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Disaster Recovery Trust (formerly known as the Donations Trust) is a registered charity (number 1119688), established in 2007, which collates donations and makes grants to Rotary projects working to rebuild communities.

Since then the charity has continued its work with the purpose of responding to major disasters at home and abroad in the reconstruction phase following a disaster.

Typical projects include constructing and equipping school and community centres, rebuilding infrastructure and providing rescue vehicles.

Over the last three years, the Donations Trust has collated funds for earthquakes in Italy, New Zealand and Nepal, flooding in the UK, Ireland and Pakistan as well as hurricanes in the Caribbean.


Current appeals

Australian Bushfire Appeal

After record temperatures and severe drought, unprecedented and ferocious fires have swept across Australia.

Fires have been burning across the country for over 4 months, and to date they have destroyed over 63,000 sq km of bush, forest and parks and affected every Australian state and territory, and a number of major cities.

Phil Armstrong, a Rotarian in Australia has released an update on the bushfires as of the 5th March 2020. Read his overview of the current situation here.

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UK and Ireland Flood Appeal

This long-standing appeal has been reopened following the flooding in November and December 2019.

In February 2019, Storms Ciara and Dennis battered parts of the UK, with a month’s worth of rainfall hitting in just 48 hours in some areas.

Donations can be made via our online payment option on Virgin Money Giving using the button below. Alternative donation methods can be found below.

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Philippines Volcano Appeal

On the 12th January 2020, Taal Volcano in the Philippines erupted for the first time in over four decades, spewing columns of ash into the air.

Since the eruption, there has been ongoing seismic activity with over 1,000 volcano tectonic earthquakes reported.

The eruption has left a desolated landscape, covered in a thick layer of heavy ash and an estimated 300,000 people have been evacuated from a 17km danger zone. Officials have warned the seismic activity could lead to a further eruption.

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Apply for funding

Rotary clubs are eligible to apply for funding from the Disaster Recovery Trust to create and implement sustainable, community development projects for areas recently affected by disasters.

For more information on how to apply for funding, please visit the Disaster Recovery Trust page within My Rotary. Please note this area is only accessible to Rotary members.


Supporting the Disaster Recovery Trust

If you would like to support the Disaster Recovery Trust, you can:

  • Send a cheque – Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Disaster Recovery Trust, Kinwarton Road, Alcester, B49 6PB
  • Use our online payment option through our Virgin Money Giving website.
  • Contact the Finance department for bank transfer information

Please note that all donations are subject to a 2% administration charge to support the running of the trust, and in the event that no suitable project can be found within a period of five years, the donations will be transferred to the Disaster Recovery Trust’s General Fund.

Unless an appeal has been specified your donation will be allocated to our ‘General Disaster Fund’.