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Rotary Radio UK set for October launch

Rotary Radio UK set for October launch

It has been over a year in the making, but now Rotary Radio UK is preparing for an October launch date, broadcasting a variety of programmes.

The clock is ticking down towards the launch next month of Rotary Radio UK.

The Kent-based project, which was the brainchild of Rotary members Steve Wood and John Robinson, will finally come to fruition when the radio station broadcasts live at midday on Saturday 13th October.

It was in the spring of 2017 when Steve and John, who are members of Sittingbourne Invicta Rotary, were working at a hospital radio station and discussed why Rotary did not have its own radio station.

“As this idea grew, a number of advantages for Rotary emerged,” explained Steve.

“For a start, it would become a method of broadcasting the achievements and successes of individual Rotarians, their clubs and the whole organisation to a wider audience.

“It would be a useful tool in the drive to improve recruitment levels, and a way of attracting young people into Rotary.

“And it would be a source of entertainment for Rotarians and people outside the organisation.”

With the backing of clubs in east Kent, the green light was given and studios were found on the Isle of Sheppey at The Criterion in Blue Town, Sheerness.

As this idea grew, a number of advantages for Rotary emerged.”

This month, Rotary Radio UK has been operating from its purpose built facility and test broadcasting on the internet.

Steve said that by being an internet-based radio station, this will enable them to reach a national and even an international audience.

“The future of radio, in homes, cars and anywhere people can access the web, is firmly on the internet,” added Steve.

“The government plans to shut down the AM waveband and later on, the FM waveband.

“DAB has not been the success it was predicted to be.”

There will be programmes of interest and music for all ages on Rotary Radio UK, who are building a team of presenters and broadcasting schedules.

Anyone interested in getting involved should email:

“We will include a lot of news about Rotary in our broadcasts and a facility to contact us with details about individual and club projects will shortly be established,” said Steve.

You can listen to Rotary Radio UK here.

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