Rotary walk to Manila to support the Purple Community Fund

Rotary walk to Manila to support the Purple Community Fund

The Rotary Club and Interact Club of Jersey have challenged themselves to cover over 17 million steps in September to raise money for the Purple Community Fund.

During September, the members of the Rotary Club of Jersey and the Interact Club of Jersey along with their respective families will be undertaking a virtual walk from Jersey to Manila in the Philippines to support the Purple Community Fund which is providing life changing support for the desperately poor in the Philippines.

The 8,500 mile walk has been broken down into six key stages and aims to highlight the exceptional work of the Purple Community Fund as well as challenging local Rotarians to cover over 17 million steps during the month of September.

Rotary International President, Holger Knaack has contacted the club commending them for accepting the challenge to take a ‘little walk’ of 8,500 miles to help support children who are less fortunate in the Philippines.

This initiative is also being supported by the recently formed local Interact Group made up of 12 teenage members who have chosen this challenge for their first International project.

The virtual walk has been planned to pass through six locations where the Rotary Club of Jersey have established relationships, these being Hamburg, Znojmo in the Czech Republic, Istanbul,

Rotary Club of Jersey President Richard Harwood said “the purpose of the challenge was not only to raise all important funds for this vital project but to highlight the differences between the amazing cities we will pass through during the virtual walk.

“We intend to update our progress daily on the Rotary website highlighting the wonderful sites we would have seen along the way, as well as the challenges being experienced by each community”.

Rotarian Jane Walker who moved to the Philippines to set up the Purple Community Fund said “the machinery which this walk is trying to fund will forever change the lives of multiple families here in the Philippine’s.

Day 1 – Walk to ManilaOne of our fabulous supporters Judith Perry has had a fabulous first day on the virtual Walk to…

Gepostet von Purple Community Fund am Dienstag, 1. September 2020

“Using old aircraft and truck tyres, this machinery allows the production of shoes including the most worn footwear flip-flops to school shoes and ankle high wellington boots for the rainy season.

“These are given to the desperately poor children with the surplus sold in local markets. This not only provides a livelihood for those employed but creates vital funds which can be reinvested in the children and the Community”.

If you would like to support this cause and donate, head to their Virgin Giving page, where any donations would be greatly appreciated.