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Rotary wishing well makes dreams come true

Rotary wishing well makes dreams come true

The Rotary wishing well at a Hampshire shopping centre has been making dreams come true for many years.

The wishing well, which is situated at Fareham Shopping Centre, is organised by Fareham Rotary, in co-operation with the shopping centre.

Since June 2019, for his Presidential year, Michael Cleaves’ chosen charity has been the local Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy Support Group, which will benefit from shoppers’ donations.

Congenital myotonic dystrophy is an early childhood form of myotonic dystrophy – a muscle disease where a baby may be floppy and have poor muscle tone. The symptoms of congenital myotonic dystrophy appear from birth.

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Photo at the Wishing Well shows L-R Mike Taylor, Centre Manager of Fareham Shopping Centre; Jane Ward of Dementia Friendly Hampshire; the President of the Rotary Club of Fareham Michael Cleaves; and Rotarian Lyndon Palmer.

So far, coins from the well have raised £750, with more cash pledged from Fareham Shopping Centre.

Michael said: “I would like to thank shoppers from Fareham Shopping Centre very much for their Wishing Well contributions, big or small, which I know will be very much appreciated by the charity.

“As I was born with muscular dystrophy, I know how it can affect people’s lives, and shoppers in the centre have been very generous.”

In addition to the money raised by the Rotary wishing well, Fareham Shopping Centre has organised a number of fund-raising events to support the charity effort.

So far, coins from the well have raised £750, with more cash pledged from Fareham Shopping Centre.”

Mike Taylor, Centre Manager at Fareham Shopping Centre, said: “Since August last year we have raised an additional £1,260 which we will pass to the Rotary Club of Fareham for their Wishing Well collection.

“The good news is that this amount will hopefully be added to during our events this Easter with the support of our shoppers.”

The shopping centre’s chosen charity is Dementia Friendly Hampshire that supports the local Dementia Friendly Fareham and Gosport group

All money raised in the Wishing Well is split equally between Rotary’s charity and the shopping centre’s charity.