Disaster relief

Sheltering the world one step at a time

Sheltering the world one step at a time

ShelterBox has now reached 10,000 families in the Chad Basin, thanks to Rotary support.

The Chad Basin, including parts of Nigeria, Niger, Chad Central African Republic and Cameroon, has seen as many as 10 million people displaced due to instability caused by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram.

ShelterBox working with in country partners and with global Rotary support, has reached the milestone of helping over 10,000 families here in the last three years.

The violent conflict began in North East Nigeria, which worsened as Boko Haram spread into neighbouring countries.

The UN estimates that 17 million people are in need of urgent emergency assistance. Malnutrition rates are alarmingly high.

Underlying the current crisis is a history of political and economic issues, poor governance, poverty and environmental problems.

Sadly, it is a forgotten crisis, one that is a huge issue with very little media coverage.

Ongoing Rotary support ensures ShelterBox can continue to reach families whose lives have been devastated by disasters that don’t make the headlines.

ShelterBox has been working hard in the area since the end of 2015, and first distributions began in early 2016.

After 18 years of working together, ShelterBox and Rotary has responded to more than 270 natural disasters and conflicts in 95 countries, bringing shelter and lifesaving supplies to over 1 million people who have lost their homes.

In 2017 alone, Rotary Clubs across the UK and Ireland generously donated more than 1.2 million pounds, helping to support a total of 160,000 people whose lives had been devastated by disaster.

Visit the ShelterBox website to find out more about the impact of the Project Partnership.

ShelterBox has given me a shelter for my family that I could never provide.”

The Project Partnership we proudly share with ShelterBox gives families, like John’s, hope for the future.

John and his nine family members fled violence in the region and are currently living in Minawao Camp in the extreme north of Cameroon.

ShelterBox, with Rotary support, have been working with IEDA Relief to create long term shelters in the camp.

Despite horrendous experiences at the hands of Boko Haram, having a home of his own has given him hope, pride and a drive to help others.

John and his nine family members have been living in their new home for four months. He told ShelterBox, “I do not have the ability to build my own shelter, so it was vital that I got this help. ShelterBox has given me a shelter for my family that I could never provide.”

If you would like to meet more of the families that you have helped or to make a donation to support ShelterBox’s ongoing work around the world, click here.