Saving Mothers and Children

A small amount of time, leaving a long-lasting impact

A small amount of time, leaving a long-lasting impact

Over 100 volunteers descended on York Minster to take part in an innovative project supporting girls across the world.

Rotary Club of York Ainsty has been actively volunteering for five years with Days for Girls – a charity providing sanitary products with an aim to keep girls in education.

Days for Girls devised a solution to prevent girls missing a substantial amount of school per year.

This was to produce kits to be sent to developing countries, allowing girls to attend school whilst menstruating instead of staying at home, being embarrassed.

Around 100 people donated their free time to the cause by forming a small assembly line to produce the valuable, yet simple bundle.

Between them in a day’s efforts, they made almost 50 kits, adding to their grand total.

Speaking to That’s York TV, the project organiser Issy Sanderson said: “We’re a small group but we really punch above our weight!”

“We’re giving girls back a day or more days that they’ve lost during menstruation.”

“Joy shines out of their faces when they receive the kits.”

“It’s just a great joy to be able to have women helping women!”

Such a small amount of time can lead to a big difference and allowing girls to get the education they dream of.

Some packages will go to schools in Sierra Leone, and the rest will be going off to Kenya and Nepal.

In each kit, there are eight absorbent liners, two zip lock bags, one washcloth, two pairs of underwear, a bar of soap and two waterproof shields – kept inside an appealing, colourful drawstring bag.

Joy shines out of their faces when they receive the kits.”

Lasting for two-three years, the kits are well worth investing a little time, money or fabric to help someone who is less fortunate.

Days for Girls visit schools when giving out the kits and explain how to use them and what is happening when they go through this time.

It is to their delight to relieve the girls it is not shameful and evil when they experience a period, as this is all many heard when growing up.

Days for Girls has now reached over 1 million women, in 100+ countries but there are still young girls who need help, so they work hand in hand with their volunteers to continue to change this.

Find out more about Days for Girls by visiting their website.