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Support Rotary projects with GlobalGiving Bonus Day

Support Rotary projects with GlobalGiving Bonus Day

Nine life-changing Rotary projects are in with a chance of earning additional funding through Global Giving’s Bonus Day.

Rotary and GlobalGiving are working together to engage Rotary clubs in crowdfunding for community projects in the UK and beyond.

We have nine clubs that are aiming to raise at least £4,000 before the 31st December.

Successful clubs will ‘graduate’ from GlobalGiving’s Accelerator programme, which will give them access to additional training and funding opportunities in future, giving them even greater scope to expand their sustainable, life-changing projects.

Wednesday 12th December is #BonusDay, with Rotary projects having the chance to earn a portion of a £10,000 incentive fund, based on the fundraising total achieved during the day.

So today is the perfect opportunity to make your donation go further and support any of these projects to get ahead in the campaign.

Take a look at the projects eligible for support below, or view them on GlobalGiving.



Water sports for the disabled

All-Aboard Watersports are a small Bristol based charity supporting disabled and disadvantaged children and young people. They remove physical, cognitive, emotional and financial barriers to enable access to the water for all, providing sessions and support all year round.

Total goal – £10,000

  • £9 would pay for a head torch to deliver a session during winter
  • £30 would pay for a specially adapted seat for a canoe
  • £695 would pay for 4 sessions teach self-reliance and teamwork to young people with mental health issues

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Rotary lifeboat appeal

 In 2017, RNLI lifeboat crews, using over 350 lifeboats saved an average of 22 people every single day. The Rotary International District 1040 (Yorkshire) Charitable Trust would like to raise sufficient funds to buy an outdoor motor or engine for a boat.

Total goal – £5,349

  • £8 would buy 8 litres of fuel
  • £70 would buy the propeller

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Provide 150 Safe Nights to young homeless

 Nightstop Herts provides emergency, short term accommodation for 16-24 year olds who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

The aim, to prevent young people from sleeping rough, “sofa surfing”, or staying at increased risk in unsuitable accommodation.

Total goal – £3,976

  • £16 provides a basic essentials food parcel for one week
  • £50 provides two night stay in Nightstop Herts accommodation
  • £249 provides 10 young people with a warm bed for the night

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Provision of sanitation for a village in Nepal

Gimdi is a village 45 miles south of Kathmandu and has a population of 2500 people over a 25km area and only one toilet.

The project aim is to provide 70 long drop toilets, providing safe clean sanitation to the villagers enhancing the safety of vulnerable adults, young girls and boys and as an end result providing fertiliser for sustainable crop growth.

Total goal – £7,624

  • £8 will provide base materials for foundations for one toilet
  • £76 will provide the toilet building a simple lockable shed to ensure safety for the user

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Provide school sanitation and education in Nepal

The project, a collaboration between Rotary clubs in Scotland and Nepal, will provide sanitation to seven schools the clubs helped to rebuild in 2016/17 after earthquakes; and to educate teachers in 8 schools to help over 3000 children, also teachers.

Total goal – £46,891

  • £8 will pay for the provision of classroom equipment for one child
  • £39 will buy 100 building bricks
  • £391 will provide sanitary equipment for each school

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Refurbish orphanages for 240 children in Uganda

This project from Ormskirk Clocktower Rotary Club aims to extend and refurbish 7 houses in a children’s village, each of which are home for up to 35 orphaned children.

This totals around 240 children all of whom desperately need extra sleeping space, bunk beds, bedding and mosquito nets plus room to eat, play and study.

Total goal – £10,160

  • £8 will buy 4 mosquito nets
  • £16 will buy new curtains for one home
  • £47 will buy 2 bunk beds

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Fund a fire engine in northern Albania

This project is to assist the local North Albanian community to have their own functioning fire appliance (engine).

Bodmin Rotary have donated a fire engine appliance to the community but need funding to renovate it, get it there and teach the community how to use it.

This project will not only save lives but will give the community a focus on fire safety and prevention.

Total goal – £7,816

  • £9 will provide wages for a community firefighter for one hour
  • £59 will assist in the costs to maintain appliances
  • £1,172 will renovate the community fire station to a functional and safe state

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Lighting up young lives

The Choma community in Malawi is far from the electricity grid. When it is dark any school tuition ceases. This Rotary Project will provide solar charged battery lighting for classrooms, offices and a Girls’ Hostel as well as portable, rechargeable lamps put in sunlight by day and used in rooms by night.

Total goal – £9,348

  • £8 will go towards a Pico Plus portable lantern
  • £39 will go towards a Home 120 Solar Lighting System

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Thorpe Bay Rotary’s Appeal to Help the Homeless

South East Essex has one of the highest rates of rough sleepers and homelessness in the country. Many of these men, women and young people have mental health and addiction issues that require various agencies to work together to address.

Total goal – £3,894

  • £8 can provide three nutritious meals for homeless people
  • £39 can provide a home starter pack
  • £389 can provide 80 homeless people with a dinner, bed and breakfast

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