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The tour that celebrated 55 Rotary centenaries

The tour that celebrated 55 Rotary centenaries

Over the course of 2022, representatives of the Rotary programme Global Sight Solutions met up with 55 Rotary clubs that were celebrating their 100th birthday to raise the profile of Rotary International’s efforts.

Guilford Rotarians John Miles and his wife Fiona recently embarked on the 2022 ‘Focus On Rotary’ Tour, where they visited 55 clubs who are celebrating their centenary in 2022.

John and Fiona are representatives of Global Sight Solutions, an avoidable blindness programme started by Guilford Rotary in the mid-90s, and they want to encourage Rotary clubs to regularly publicise the various programmes and activities ran by Rotary.

Over several months and thousands of miles travelled, John and Fiona visited each of the 55 clubs at one of their regular meetings and gave them a commemorative gift.

Global Sight Solutions travelled 4,000 miles across Great Britain and Ireland to visit the clubs celebrating their centenary.

During the presentation John and Fiona gave, they highlighted the importance to each Rotary club of highlighting the work that Rotary does locally, nationally and internationally.

They also encouraged clubs to publicise the work of organisations ran by Rotarians like Global Sight Solutions such as Aquabox, Disaster Aid UK and The Jaipur Limb Project.

In order to accomplish this, John and Fiona emphasised the need for clubs to forge relationships with all forms of media in their area and to promise them regular content.

Global Sight Solutions also previewed a similar tour for 2023 that will see them travelling over 6,000 miles across Europe and Africa.