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Tom’s Blog – March 2021

Tom’s Blog – March 2021

Rotary GB&I President, Tom Griffin, is back with his March 2021 blog.

A quieter month this, after spending so many hours in February Zooming at the International Assembly.

A few club visits, however – in Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Devon – and at District Council meetings for Districts 1200 (Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire), my own district, 1080 (East Anglia) and 1010 (northern and eastern Scotland).

A real highlight was the chartering on 7th March of another new club – the London Rotary Passport Club. This is another innovative, cosmopolitan club aimed at younger people who might find themselves in London for a few years either in the course of their studies or through their business. Initiated only a few months ago, it chartered with 23 members, and I had the privilege during their charter celebration of inducting their 24th.

I also found myself in Ireland (virtually, of course) for the first time in my year in office for the Rotary in Ireland conference. A most enjoyable event, featuring a host of interesting speakers covering a wide range of topics.

Another highlight of the month was the Governing Council meeting on 9th March. I have already written in an earlier blog, and in my article for the February/March edition of Rotary magazine, about the proposals to reform the governance of Rotary GB & I and give us a governing structure fit for the 21st century.

At the March meeting, the Governing Council overwhelmingly approved a resolution to this year’s Business Meeting to give effect to those reforms. The Business Meeting is online on Friday 21st May at 7pm, and I heartily encourage clubs to ensure that their voting delegates are registered and that they attend the meeting, listen to the debate, and support these important changes.

And now the sun is shining, Spring is springing, and I’m looking forward to Easter – although the weather people are predicting another cold snap. Oh well, I wasn’t going anywhere, anyway.