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Top award for Rotary International Director-Nominee

Top award for Rotary International Director-Nominee

Future Rotary International Director, Nicki Scott, has been nominated for one of the organisation’s most prestigious awards.

Nicki Scott, who has been nominated to serve as a Rotary International Director in 16 months’ time, has been put forward for a Service Above Self Award.

Just 150 of these awards are made worldwide each year, and Nicki has been nominated by her old Rotary District in Illinois, USA.

Nicki is currently a member of North Cotswolds Rotary in Gloucestershire. According to the award criteria: “Nominees must be Rotarians in good standing. They must have demonstrated exemplary continuing humanitarian service, in any form and at any level.

There should be an emphasis on personal volunteer efforts, and active involvement in helping others through Rotary.

“The award will not be given solely in recognition of one’s performance in an elected or appointed Rotary assignment. Personal financial contributions to Rotary, or any individual project, are not relevant for this award.”

Nicki said she was surprised to receive the award. “Quite honestly, I was blown away to receive this,” she said.

“I had assumed this award was reserved for those Rotarians working on the front line. Most of my service has been internal to the organisation.

Quite honestly, I was blown away to receive this”

“However, on reflection, I am delighted that this is also recognised.

“We each serve through the skills and vocational work we have lived. Everyone’s time is equally as valuable, and capacity building to strengthen our organisation is just a different form of service.”

Nicki, who works as an entrepreneurial business coach in Stow-on-the-Wold, has been a Rotarian for almost 20 years and held numerous posts in this country and in North America.

Last year, she was nominated as the Rotary International Director for Zone 20a from 2021-23, which includes Great Britain & Ireland.

The directors-nominee will be elected at the 2020 Rotary International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Tony Black, from the Rotary Club of Dunoon in Argyll, Scotland, is the current Rotary Director.