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We need more Rotary Peace Hubs

We need more Rotary Peace Hubs

Rotary’s leading lights has called on districts in Great Britain & Ireland to set up more Peace Hubs.

Rotary clubs across Great Britain and Ireland are being encouraged to set up more peace hubs.

Jean Best from Kirkcudbright Rotary in Scotland is the creator of the Peace Project, begun in 2012, and which aims to turn youngsters into peace advocates.

The Peace Project gives young people the skills needed to make informed decisions for themselves and others.

Speaking in Birmingham on the International Day of Peace Jean said that the generic skills peace programme was now operating in nine countries.

She said: “In the previous Rotary year, we have set up eight Peace Hubs across Ireland and the UK, involving 31 schools and two community organisations.

“The term ‘Peace Hub’ represents a network of schools in a locality who come to train at one centre or school. That central location becomes the hub for subsequent action and support.”

We need every Rotary District to have a peace project established.”

Husband Keith Best added that mental health was an area of work which these hubs now engaged with. They were keen for more Peace Hubs to be set up across the isles.

He said: “We need every Rotary District to have a peace project established.”

The couple were speaking at a public image seminar organised by Rotary in the Heart of England, and which was attended by more than 70 Rotarians from across the Midlands.

Garth Arnold, Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland’s Public Image Co-ordinator was joined by Public Image Team member Molly Youd to explain about the importance of branding.

And Geri Parlby, who is Rotary GBI’s Disease Prevention, Health & Wellbeing Lead, outlined many of the mental health projects which Rotarians were engaged with.

Dave King, Editor of Rotary magazine, spoke about how best to tell Rotary’s story.

The event was hosted by District Governor, Bala Jaspal, and was attended by the Mayor of Solihull, Stuart Davis, who led a minute’s silence at midday to mark the International Day of Peace.

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