Celebrate Your Big Day and help make polio history

Celebrate Your Big Day and help make polio history

Rotary is committed to making polio a thing of the past. Now you can play your part in helping to eradicate the disease by taking your own walk down memory lane.

Your Big Day, an innovative and personalised video gift for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and more, is making a generous donation to Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign.

Sir Martyn Lewis, former BBC and ITN newscaster and founder of Your Big Day, explains that a close personal connection inspired him to make the pledge.

“My father, Dudley, was intensely proud of being involved with Rotary as a member and President of Coleraine Rotary Club in Northern Ireland.

“I have another close connection to this cause as my sister, Jill, was diagnosed with polio at the age of 4. From personal experience she and I can testify to the importance of the great worldwide campaign by Rotary to ‘End Polio Now’.

“I remember being sent away to live with my grandparents for a whole year while my mother, who had been a state registered nurse during World War II, refused to let Jill to go to hospital, instead nursing her at home. It was an incredible act of love from a mother to her child.”

Covering most of the last century, Your Big Day offers video gifts that take you back in time.

Each 6 minute video contains archive footage and news reports which have a connection to the date and year you have selected, covering everything from royalty, global icons, fashion, news and more, with your personal message appearing at the start of the video.

From World Polio Day 2019 (24th October) through to Rotary Day (23rd February 2020), every purchase of a Your Big Day video priced at £19.95, will include a £6 donation to End Polio Now when using the promo code POLIO at checkout.

The gifts offer great potential to raise a significant amount of funds for End Polio Now, with the team setting a fundraising target of £100,000 from the initiative.

“My sister was one of the lucky ones.” Martyn continued. “She went on to be school hockey captain and was the first from our school to go to Cambridge University.

“But not all polio survivors have that degree of personal care or can achieve such a successful recovery, which is why Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign is so vital.

From personal experience I can testify to the importance of the great worldwide campaign by Rotary to ‘End Polio Now.”

“The journey now moves from my memory lane to your memory lane with Your Big Day. We’re delighted to be making a contribution to End Polio Now with any purchases made between World Polio Day and Rotary Day.”

“I know my parents would have heartily approved, and it is my way of saying “thank you” to Rotary for playing such a rewarding part in my father’s life and for doing so much to eradicate a disease from which my sister recovered, but so many do not.”

How to order

Your Big Day videos can be ordered online at yourbigday.tv and are delivered digitally via email on a date and time of your choice.

Videos are priced at £19.95 and will include a £6 donation to End Polio Now when adding the promo code POLIO at checkout.

For any enquiries, please email Your Big Day at hello@yourbigday.tv


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