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Rotary magazine covers a wide range of fascinating features, exclusive interviews and inspiring human interest stories from across the world of Rotary.

The editorial content of Rotary magazine includes news, interviews and topical features focusing on key social issues in Great Britain and Ireland, and around the world.

In each issue, Rotary magazine will highlight the work of the organisation in this country and abroad, and turn the spotlight on those people who are making a difference, particularly Rotary members volunteering their time in their communities.

Rotary magazine publishes interviews with political leaders, celebrities and campaigners about the impact of the work of Rotary International.

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Editorial features

Recent editorial features and content topics from Rotary magazine include:

Organ donation

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Plastic pollution

rotary magazine modern slavery

Modern slavery

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Online grooming

rotary magazine october november 2018

Rehabilitation in prisons

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A number of advertising opportunities are available in Rotary magazine, both in print and as part of the publication's digital offering.

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If you've got a project to highlight or a story to share, we'd love to hear from you!

Dave King, Managing Editor
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When sending photos to accompany your story, please make sure the quality of the image is to a high standard. All photos should be supplied at the highest resolution possible and are suitable for print. The content of the images should be action-orientated, showing people getting involved in community projects and being active, not people lined up or presenting a cheque.