Bringing colour and respect to neglected corner of Lutterworth

Bringing colour and respect to neglected corner of Lutterworth

A Rotary club in Leicestershire is bringing a sense of colour to town with flowers and Santa costumes!

A neglected and forgotten corner of Lutterworth in Leicestershire is being transformed into a secret garden by volunteers from Rotary Lutterworth.

Tucked away to the side of The Woodburner Workshop on Market Street is a sheltered area often used as a walk through.

Laid out as a courtyard with raised beds in a circular design, it has now been cleared of litter, a weed suppressant applied, 10 tonnes of donated top soil incorporated and finished with a slate covering.

Leading the group of volunteers are Rotary members Hugh Robertson-Smith and Elaine Turner.

Elaine, together with colleague Sue Turner, has devised a planting plan to incorporate sensory plants and plants known for their pollution-absorbing qualities.

Elaine said: “It is hoped that when finished people will be more likely to respect and value the area”.

Funded by Rotary Lutterworth and the Rotary District Foundation, the aim of the project is to make this area a place for the community to come and enjoy.

Planting is due to take place before Christmas in time for Spring, when this little known area of Lutterworth will become a haven of colour and foliage.

Eventually, plants will be clearly labelled for keen gardeners and those new to gardening but it is for everyone to enjoy and watch this area grow and become a place to spend a little time out of a busy day.

It is also easily accessible for disabled users.

It is hoped that when finished people will be more likely to respect and value the area”

Meanwhile, Lutterworth staged the 10th running of the Lutterworth Santa Fun Run organised by the town’s two Rotary clubs at the beginning of the month.

Around £5,000 was raised from the event which will be divided among a number of charities.

As has been the case every year, the event was blessed with good weather with almost 550 people taking part which included many families, some covering three generations.

Chairman of the organising committee, John Turner, said: “We are very pleased with how things turned.

“As the number of fun runs has increased, ours has become more of a local, town event with a great community spirit.

“Everyone I spoke to, once they had recovered from their efforts, said how much they enjoyed the day and that it was nice to see so many families with young children, many of whom seemed to be leading their parents round!”

Lutterworth College hosted the fun run, the Pathway Community Church provided welcome refreshments, and the Lutterworth Town Band entertained with their seasonal repertoire, while Cross Counties Radio provided a festive commentary.

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