Communities bloom into life thanks to Rotary

Communities bloom into life thanks to Rotary

Rotarians around the country have been busy preparing for spring, tasting wine and learning more about Guide Dogs.

Rotary of Helston-Lizard, Cornwall, has been busy cleaning up the streets of their town in preparation for this year’s Flora Day.

The walls in five of the town’s locations are some of the oldest in the area, however, due to the lack of maintenance from the Council they had fallen into disrepair.

Since 2013, the Rotary club has been kindly organising the clean-up of the walls to bring them back to their original glory.

However, due to the pandemic, the Helston Flora Day had to be halted meaning that the annual clean up could not happen.

So this year, twelve local Rotarians gathered to begin the process of weeding and cleaning up Helston’s Whitewash walls, for the first time in three years.

Flora Day will happen on the 7th of May and be full of dancing and music to celebrate the beginning of spring.

Team of Rotarians preparing the Helston walls for the Flora Day.

Rotary of Northallerton, North Yorkshire, have raised £1,100 for ‘Friends of the Friarage’ with their “Call my Bluff” wine tasting event.

Competitors would be presented with a description of six wines by three very convincing sommeliers, however, one was lying.

Once the audience heard the description, the teams got to try the wine and decide which one was most accurate.

The descriptions were based on the type of grape used, country of origin and retail price.

Points have been awarded for each category. The team with the highest number of points consisted of Nicola Proud, Tracey Townsend, Lisa Lynch and Rowena Wallace.

Finally, The Rotary Club of North Worcestershire had a special night on 1st March for two reasons; it was a Ladies Night when Rotarians partners had come along for the second reason, to meet Hazel Tattersall, Morna Farquhar and Bubbles from the Guide Dog Association

Hazel Tattersall, Morna Farquhar and Bubbles the dog visited the event to do a presentation, during which they showed how guide dogs are trained, as well as how they assist the visually impaired.

The evening ended with club President John Mackay presenting Hazel, Morna and Bubbles a cheque for the Charity.