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Rotary helps Derbyshire school to go green

Rotary helps Derbyshire school to go green

A Rotary club in Derbyshire has been working with a junior school to help youngsters build an eco greenhouse.

Children at South Wingfield Junior School in Derbyshire have collected 1500 plastic bottles and recycled them into a Rotary eco greenhouse.

The green house is now complete after Rotary Amber Valley members provided the frame and canes with children helping to put bottles on the canes.

Headteacher Fiona O’Hara said: “It’s a great project and thanks to Rotary the children are understanding the need to recycle plastic but also will be able to both grow plants and them put them into the school garden.”

bottle greenhouse project

Building a bottle greenhouse teaches children the importance of recycling and reusing waste products, and also means they can grow plants in their school garden.

Local village company Taylors Corn Stores donated a number of pallets which Rotarians recycled into greenhouse staging.

The project has taken some months to collect bottles and six sessions with four Rotarians and children to complete the greenhouse.

The children demonstrated their knowledge of environmental issues during a piece for BBC Radio Derbyshire  about the eco greenhouse.

Thanks to Rotary the children are understanding the need to recycle plastic.”

Year 5 student Katie aged 10, when asked why we need to recycle plastic replied: “If we don’t it ends up in the sea and can kill our fish.”

Project lead, Rotarian John Stamp said: “It’s been a great project, both having the children involved and also during their break time they chat to us over the walk and ask questions.

“It has been really rewarding for all the Rotary team.”