Folkestone Rotary on the run for charity

Folkestone Rotary on the run for charity

The Folkestone Rotary Half Marathon has become a well known event for the town, and is raising tens of thousands of pounds for charities.

Charities in Kent are benefitting thanks to a Rotary-organised half marathon.

Rotary Folkestone is involved with the organisation of the 13.1-mile race, which began in 2006 and has raised more than £485,000.

The popular race involves Rotary Folkestone as well as the Hythe and Folkestone Channel Rotary clubs.

Folkestone Running Club, other running clubs as well as the local community also assisted.

Last September’s race raised £36,275, which will be distributed to a number of charities.

Club president, Bill Wright said: “This is a tremendous achievement for all involved and all proceeds will be supporting local and international causes.”

The money will be used to buy instruments for school children in the Kent town, including those attending special needs schools.”

Two causes to immediately benefit are the Rotary Helping Hand project and Action for Children’s Fostering Ramsgate service.

Fostering Ramsgate supports foster children across Kent aged between 8 and 18-years-old to find a safe and stable home for them to thrive in.

Many of the children have had multiple placement breakdowns before coming to Action for Children and it is the charity’s aim to achieve positive outcomes from children placed with their foster carers.

Laura Hanratta, Area Fundraiser for Action for Children, said:  “We’re so thankful to the Rotary of Folkestone for supporting us.

“The money raised will allow the foster children to go on a memory-making trip which allows them to just be care-free children.”

Already plans are well set for this year’s race, which takes place on September 29th.

Meanwhile, Rotary Folkestone found themselves in tune with The Shepway Brass Academy who were presented with a substantial sum of money.

This will be used to buy instruments for school children in the Kent town, including those attending special needs schools.

Rotary club President, Bill Wright, said: “We are so pleased to support this worthy cause which in turn encourages music to all of sectors of our community.

“The facilities help transform children’s knowledge and abilities which gives them a real sense of purpose. It is most gratifying to see and hear the results.”

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