GladBags helping Dementia Patients

GladBags helping Dementia Patients

REPoD joins forces with Inner Wheel, Soroptimists and MHA to launch a new dementia project.

Going into hospital can be a stressful experience for all of us, but for those living with dementia it can be especially traumatic.

Rotarians Easing Problems of Dementia (REPoD), partnered with the charities, Inner Wheel, Soroptimists, and MHA Care Homes, has made that experience that little bit easier by designing, GladBags.

For someone with dementia, having something familiar brings a feeling of comfort when in a stressful or new environment, such as hospitals, or even at home.

GladBags are specially designed tote bags. They can be made at home using just a recycled pillow, duvet or any other material.

The bags are often filled with toiletries and personal items that the individual is familiar with, but most importantly it can also contain a colourful, knitted ‘Fiddle Sleeve’.

Left: Gladbag, Right (top): Fiddle Sleeve, Right (bottom): Best Bib and Tuckers.

A Fiddle Sleeve is a soft, fingerless glove that covers the forearm in order to protect distressed patients from accidently pulling out their cannulas while fiddling and causing unnecessary worry.

The group has also made the ‘Best Bib and Tuckers’ bib to protect clothes from getting dirty.

Dementia can often make mealtimes a bit messy and wearing an ordinary bib can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for some individuals.

The Best Bib and Tuckers can bring the fun back into mealtimes due to their smart appearance and ease to create by just upcycling an old shirt.

For further information, patterns, instructions and drop off points please email or you can donate the products to your local care home!

Don’t forget to send them the photos of your finished work!