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Amanda Watkin – Rotary GB&I General Secretary Column

Amanda Watkin – Rotary GB&I General Secretary Column

Amanda Watkin discusses the ways in which developing technology could help improve the way Rotary operates.

We hear much on the news about artificial intelligence (AI) but being so intrinsically bound-up as a ‘people’ business it’s hard to see how AI might play its part in helping our fantastic organisation. I thought it might be interesting to find out how AI could help a membership organisation such as Rotary and learnt it can assist in a variety
of ways, such as:

  • Personalisation: AI can help membership organisations provide personalised experiences to their members by analysing their preferences, interests, and behaviour patterns. AI can then use this data to offer tailored content, products, and services that meet the specific needs of each member.
  • Membership retention: AI can help membership organisations identify members who are at risk of leaving and intervene before it happens. By analysing data such as member engagement, attendance, and feedback, AI can provide insights into why members are disengaging and suggest ways to re-engage them. Marketing and communication: AI can help membership organisations improve their marketing and communication efforts by analysing member data to determine the best channels and messaging to use. AI can also help automate marketing and communication tasks, such as sending personalised emails or social media messages.
  • Event planning: AI can help membership organisations plan and execute events by providing insights into member preferences and behaviours. AI can also help with event logistics, such as venue selection and scheduling, to ensure that events are well-attended and meet member expectations.
  • Data analysis and decision-making: AI can help membership organisations analyse large amounts of data to identify trends and make informed decisions. For example, AI can analyse member feedback to identify common concerns or areas for improvement or predict which products or services will be most popular among members.

Overall, AI can help membership organisations improve member engagement and retention, streamline operations, and make more data-driven decisions.

What an exciting revelation and guess what, this information was auto-generated using an amazing piece of AI called ChatGPT! Without doubt the world continues to evolve and Rotary is learning how to match that rate of evolution to remain relevant and connect with both current and future members.

Our digital infrastructure investment is designed to help you have the best member experience possible and to feel confident bringing the next generations into membership presenting a modern ‘face’ to our organisation.

We would love to hear your thoughts around digital systems and services that might benefit you or your club so we can continue to meet your needs so make sure to drop us an email!


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