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Garth Arnold – Rotary GB&I Chair of the Board Column

Garth Arnold – Rotary GB&I Chair of the Board Column

In his first column for Rotary Magazine, Chair of the Rotary GB&I Board Garth Arnold discusses how the new Board plans to take advantage of the foundations for growth that have already been laid out.

By the time you are reading this we will be one month into the new Rotary year and under way with our new regional Board and me as your inaugural Chair.

These are exciting times for Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland and the wider world of Rotary.

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Following confirmation by the recent Council of Legislation of the regionalisation pilot, we have become the first regional Board along with Australia/New Zealand.

This is allowing us to try new approaches which are tailored to our region in order to grow and ‘do’ Rotary.

Since January, like many clubs and district teams, we have been working with our team of 16 through monthly drop-in sessions on specific training and development topics, undertaking online training and, most importantly, getting to know each other so we can work best as a team.

As your Board Chair, I will regularly share details of our work, highlighting its aims, successes, and challenges through the medium of electronic newsletters, video messages and drop-in clinics, which will be open to all members, along with website stories – and this column published in Rotary magazine.

The Board has a clear vision to grow membership, stabilise future finances, enhance the member experience and improve process efficiency. This is a multi-year ambition, and, with its practical implementation and evaluation, it will continuously evolve.

These are exciting times for Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland and the wider world of Rotary.

Solid continuity of leadership offers a pathway to success. This is demonstrated with multi-year thinking and true servant-leader mentality focussed on supporting our members.

Important work takes time but also critical in the Rotary GB&I change journey is that we must keep momentum moving.

We have made tremendous inroads over the past 16-18 months to lay some great foundations for us now to build on.

We were acknowledged at the recent Houston Convention for our growth through the Global Hub and I know we have over 100 new membership opportunities at various stages across our districts.

Let’s see how many of these opportunities we can make ‘live’. Let’s keep up the excellent work we have started!

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