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Gordon’s presidential initiatives

Gordon’s presidential initiatives

During his term as President of Rotary International, Gordon McInally will focus on three presidential initiatives that Create Hope in the World.


A New Dawn

August - September 2023

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Here are Gordon McInally’s three presidential initiatives for the 2023/24 Rotary year:

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Talking about mental illness and emotional health may feel uncomfortable, but it’s vital to the wellbeing of Rotary’s global community.

RI President Gordon McInally encourages clubs and districts to work towards creating a space where it’s safe to address these issues to help provide a welcoming and equitable environment for all.

To do that, think about ways that you can:

  • Erase any stigma associated with discussions of emotional well-being.
  • Raise awareness of mental health needs.
  • Improve access to mental health services.


Gordon will continue the initiative launched by 2021/22 RI President Shekhar Mehta and maintained by 2022/23 RI President Jennifer Jones that focused on elevating the voices and unlocking the power of girls and women around the world.

Rotary encourages members to keep finding ways to improve the health, well-being, education, and economic security of girls.


Rotary has a long history of working for peace through personal connections, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to do that face-to-face. Inspired by what we’ve learned during this time, Gordon encourages districts to incorporate virtual components into more of their programmes, events, and activities.

By using innovative technologies to make connections, we give more people the opportunity to experience Rotary’s global community while laying the foundation for peacebuilding through improved intercultural dialogue, awareness, and understanding.

Adding or maintaining these components in our exchange programmes like Rotary Youth Exchanges and Rotary Friendship Exchanges will:

  • Give members and participants new ways to experience other cultures, make new friends, and broaden their global awareness.
  • Make membership more accessible to people with time, health, or financial considerations.
  • Build stronger intercultural communication and understanding, and ultimately foster more stable and peaceful communities.

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