December 2018-January 2019 | Advertorial

Operation Smile – Advertorial

Operation Smile – Advertorial

Every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft condition.

Operation Smile works to ensure that no child suffers from a lack of access to safe surgery -since 1982 we have provided over 240,000 free surgeries to those born with a cleft lip or cleft palate and each year we treat over 16,000 people, alleviating the emotional and physical suffering of an unrepaired cleft.

Here in the UK we are amazing charity givers.  According to research, 75% of the population give to charity every year. Yet only 7% leave a gift to charity in their Will (2011)

Time with family and friends at Christmas prompts many of us to look to the year ahead and reflect on the future.

As well as anticipating the coming year, you may also consider what the future has in store for the children who will continue to need our support for many years to come and how a gift in your Will could be your way of giving new smiles when you are no longer around.

Legacies received in the last year have helped us to support more than 2,300 surgeries in over 25 countries.

Our supporters have a myriad of reasons for giving; the thought of a new smile on the face of a child in need or the precious memory of the smile of a loved one can be all that it takes, or the knowledge that a gift will be used to help so many with the highest level of medical care and the minimum of administrative cost.

Request a speaker for your Rotary club from our speaker’s network of medical volunteers and staff and learn more about the work we do and how a gift in your will could change the lives of children, families and whole communities.

These talks are vital in helping us raise awareness of our work. We do not expect any payment for giving talks; however a donation is always very much appreciated!

Arrange a speaker at your Rotary club to learn more about Operation Smile.

For information about how your Rotary members can help us transform the lives of children with cleft conditions contact our Community Partnerships and Events Team.

Please phone: 020 3475 5126 or visit the Operation Smile website.

For more information about how your legacy can help Operation Smile, please contact our legacy officer Pippa Fawcett on 0844 5811110 or via email.

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