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Why give to The Rotary Foundation?

Why give to The Rotary Foundation?

Tom Hunt, who is the Endowment and Major Gifts Advisor, starts a conversation about the importance of Rotarians donating to The Rotary Foundation and offers and opportunity for members to get in touch.

When it comes to personal giving, there are three questions to ask:

  • Do you give personally to The Rotary Foundation?
  • Do you give via your club?
  • Do you not donate at all?

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If you are in the first category, then on behalf of The Rotary Foundation thank you for helping us to continue to do good in the world.

If you are in the second, then ensure your treasurer completes the reverse of the donation form so that we are able to append the donation against your Rotary record.

It is really important to record an individual’s donations so that when certain levels are met you can be recognised.

A perfect example of this is the $100 Sustaining Member level.

This is to help fulfil Rotary’s goal and the promise to the children of the World to eradicate this terrible disease once and for all.”

There could be thousands of Rotarians in the UK who have reached this level, but we don’t know about it.

If you are in the third category, then give me a call at 07860 525831 or email.

I would welcome a conversation to understand why you do not wish to support our charity. I just want an open and frank discussion, and will respect your views.

I truly believe that our Foundation should be every Rotarian’s charity of choice and that everyone should appreciate that our Foundation is at the core of everything we do as Rotarians.

Rotary Foundation testimonials

“I make personal contributions to The Rotary Foundation because it is my ‘go to’ charity. Too many charities are now businesses whose expenses and running costs are disproportionate to their income.

The Rotary Foundation has clearly defined areas of focus, it’s effective, it’s ethical, it’s sustainable and it’s transparent.

The Foundation is run at all levels by Rotarians who have the same values as I do so I trust them implicitly to use my contributions to implement the humanitarian projects which improve the lives of those less fortunate than myself irrespective of their race, gender, age
or religion.

Here are the ways I give:

As a sustaining member, I make contributions to Rotary’s Annual Programmes Fund on a monthly basis.

These contributions go towards projects which address the immediate need of those we help. I also make regular contributions to PolioPlus.

This is to help fulfil Rotary’s goal and the promise to the children of the World to eradicate this terrible disease once and for all.

My wife and I have also made a gift in our wills to Rotary’s Endowment Fund which means our gift will live on in perpetuity for the benefit of mankind long after we are both gone.”

| Ashley Gray
Walsall Saddlers Rotary Club,
West Midlands.

“I give personally to our Rotary Foundation because it gives me choices – I can place it in any of the 7 Areas of Focus and End Polio Now, and I know that it will be used by people like me – Rotarians – to do good in the world, without using up lots of my gifting on overheads.”

| Cheryl Law
Wendover & District Rotary Club, Buckinghamshire.

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