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Rotary in profile

Rotary in profile

Find out why our volunteers give up their time to help transform communities.

Name: Jamie H Jamerson

Rotary Club: Member of Sheffield Rotary

Occupation: Local Government/Civil Servant


Why did you join Rotary?

Thirty-five years ago, I became an advocate for improving equality, diversity and inclusion in my workplace. This advocacy extended to my role as a volunteer basketball coach in Sheffield and Rotherham.

I recognised the need to remove the barriers faced by young people to becoming involved or wanting to be involved in sport and I sought to enable a group of disadvantaged youth to learn basketball.

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A colleague introduced me to the Rotary Club of Sheffield and I decided to join because this is a space where I think I could make a significant contribution to build community locally and worldwide.


Jamie H Jamerson of Sheffield Rotary.

What have you learnt since joining Rotary?

I have learned the importance of teamwork and have recognised that coming from a different cultural and ethnic background leadership isn’t a straightforward process. I learned that even at the local level, sharing insights and taking action must include opportunities for diversity, equity and inclusion to be included in all that we do.


What has been the highlight for you?

Being appointed as the first Black President after 102 years and facilitating conversations around how a more inclusive culture within the leadership of the club can be fostered.

We have begun to think of ways to form more equitable and supportive partnerships within our communities.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining Rotary?

Rotary is an internationally recognised, multi-functional and multidisciplinary network of people who are service oriented, dynamic and intentional in their efforts to make the lives of people better.

If you can sacrifice a few hours of your life to help make a lasting contribution to supporting community projects and build capacity through networking. If you are spontaneous, happy, enjoy engaging in fundraising activities and want to develop your leadership skills, then the Rotary club needs you.


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