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The gift that keeps on giving

The gift that keeps on giving

The Rotary Foundation is Rotary’s own charity. It funds projects in the seven areas of focus locally, nationally and internationally, which really make a difference to people’s lives.

The Rotary Foundation funds come from donations given by individual Rotarians and non-Rotarians, as well as from clubs and organisations outside of Rotary who see the value of the work which the Foundation does.

Rotarians Michael Hodge from Barnet Rotary in North London, and Ian Priestley from Buxton Rotary in Derbyshire have been appointed as Endowment and Major Gift advisors for the Rotary regions which encompass Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland.

They have a specific remit to assist people who may be interested in either giving money during their lifetime or leaving a legacy to The Rotary Foundation.

Annual gifts to The Rotary Foundation help people around the globe live better lives today. Planned gifts to Rotary’s endowment support the same life-changing programmes forever.

Rather than discuss the mechanics of how this is done, we asked some people who are making financial contributions to The Rotary Foundation to explain why they give their support.

The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation

Tom Hunt, Bretby Rotary (Staffordshire):

“I joined Rotary 18 years ago, but for the first five years I didn’t get involved in anything outside of my club.

“I then became an Assistant Governor and, as I needed to promote many projects which included ‘End Polio Now and Foundation Grants I quickly learned about The Rotary Foundation.

“Once I began to realise all the fantastic work that was carried out with the funds distributed by our Foundation I was simply blown away and had to get more involved.

“Not only did I join the district committee, I also started giving personal donations, firstly as a sustaining member ($100 a year) then as a Paul Harris Society member ($1000 a year) and I also became a Bequest Society member by leaving a legacy in my will.

Once I began to realise all the fantastic work that was carried out with the funds distributed by our Foundation I was simply blown away and had to get more involved.”

“Over time my contributions increased and, earlier this year, I became a Major Donor.

“On reaching this milestone I thought when you look into where the money goes, whether this builds a well, provides urgently needed equipment for a school or hospital, helps restore a person’s sight, provide maternal health advice to save babies from dying, provide funds to buy food – the list goes on and on – you cannot help but be impressed.

“I would urge any Rotarian not to wait like I did to get involved with our ONLY charity – The Rotary Foundation.”


Maggie Brown, Rotary Foundation Scholar:

“I had the great good fortune to become a Rotary Foundation Scholar in 1990 and it literally changed my life.

“That is why I decided to leave 15% of my legacy to the Foundation so hopefully someone else can benefit from a similar opportunity.

“In 1988, I was a social worker in Manchester when I gave a talk to a Rotary club about my work.

“At the end of the evening, my host told me about The Rotary Foundation scholarships and invited me to apply.

It is just a small way in which I can say a huge thank you for the massive difference The Rotary Foundation made in my life.”

“Fast forward 18 months and I was taking a Masters in International Development in Adelaide, Australia, plus meeting many fascinating people through giving talks to local Rotary clubs.

“That excellent course served as the foundation for my career spanning over 25 years working in humanitarian response and development all over the world.

“As I reached retirement, I wanted to give something back and contacted The Rotary Foundation.

“I drafted my will to provide funding for another Rotary Foundation student.

“It is just a small way in which I can say a huge thank you for the massive difference The Rotary Foundation made in my life.”


Dr Frank Hardiman, Purley Rotary (Surrey):

“As a Rotarian I am committed to the service of others and am proud to be part of a Rotary family whose members embody ‘service above self’.

“It became self-evident to me that I could continue that ‘value ideal’ by making a financial gift in my will to The Rotary Foundation.

“Through our legacy gift to The Rotary Foundation, we acknowledge the life we have been given and can continue to do good in the world.

“Rotary is making a difference the world over and it can only continue to do so through the funds made available to support present and future Rotarians.

“No gift is too small when we come together. When we hear of a want, we supply it. When we see a defect, we correct it. When we hear a call for help, we answer it. “Never doubt the difference you have made and what you can continue to make.

“Make a future gift in your will today.”


How your gift can grow and give

A named endowed fund of $25,000, established in 1995, has provided spendable earnings since then of more than $38,000. In addition, the fair market value of the fund has grown to almost $37,000. See how an endowment contribution grows over time and continues to give.

To discuss confidentially giving to The Rotary Foundation, please contact:

Mike Hodge: michael.hodge@ntlworld.com

Districts: 1060, 1080, 1090, 1100, 1110, 1120, 1130, 1145, 1150, 1175, 1200, 1240 & 1260.

Ian Priestley: pdgianpriestley@gmail.com

Districts: 1010, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1070, 1160, 1180, 1190, 1210, 1220, 1230 & 1285.

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